Making A Dint Off The Shelf (With A Twist): My 2011 Reading Challenge

As I have stated in my previous post, I am bent on reading all (or almost all) of the books in my to-read pile this year. I have created a page for my 2011 Reading Goal showing an index of the 30 books I have chosen to read off my shelf. At first I thought I was going to go through the trouble of rummaging inside my big plastic container which houses my books since the flood of 2008 brought by Typhoon Frank. Then I remembered that I have an own-a-copy-to-read shelf in Goodreads, and this made the task much easier. While choosing the books for the challenge, I was surprised to find some books I have already forgotten to have bought, like Danielle Steele’s Kaleidoscope.

I am excited for this year’s challenge. To finish up all the 30 books, I need to read at least 3 books each month. How I will manage to do just that, plus the monthly group reads of Goodreads-The Filipino Group (where I hope I can actively participate this year), is beyond me. Still, the prospect of lining up all the books to be read for this year, and not just reading randomly, which I’ve been doing ever since, sounds inviting and…well, purposeful, I may say.

Here’s to hoping I could indeed make a dint in my bookshelves for this year. 🙂

To see my list of books for this challenge, see here.

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