MORNING, NOON, & NIGHT/Sidney Sheldon

Cruising on his yacht, Harry Stanford, one of the world’s wealthiest men, drowns under mysterious circumstances. Now, a young woman appears at the family gathering following the funeral claiming to be his daughter and heir. As the respected Stanford family seeks to learn whether she is genuine or an imposter, a hidden web of blackmail, drugs and murder emerges from behind the facade.

I have discovered Sidney Sheldon belatedly, but that is of no issue. His stories are timeless, all the while gripping and absorbing, often with rather amazing plot twists that makes you hold on to the book until the last page.

So, I guess it was not a mistake that I took this book with me while on a business trip to Bacolod. The story was fast-paced and intriguing in some sense — a suitable buddy which made me ignore the waves that tossed the ferry from side to side.

The downside of having read too much Sidney Sheldon is that you already know what to expect – surprising plot twists. That is why while reading this book I was already making bets with myself as to who the real culprit was. The thing is, Sheldon spoiled the fun for me as he already revealed the perpetrator early on in the story. Or so I thought. Because a few pages before it ends, something turns the story around. But still, the surprise I was preparing myself for wasn’t as that much of a surprise. Just an “oh okay” reaction from me. Nothing mind numbing. Nothing that made me turn to the previous pages so that I can fully grasp what happened.

AND. I couldn’t help comparing it to Rage of Angels, which for me is Sheldon’s best, so far.

Morning, Noon & Night is divided into three parts: Morning, Noon and Night. (Why aren’t you surprised?) And just as one day consists of a morning, a noon, and a night, one day is all you need to finish reading the book. Or less.

A fun read. I liked it. Now, on to something new.

3 stars.

2/50 Goodreads 2011 Reading Challenge.
Book cover image and blurb from Goodreads.

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