PIERCING THE DARKNESS/Frank E. Peretti (Darkness Set #2)

It all begins in Bacon’s Corner, a tiny farming community far from the interstate. An attempted murder, a case of mistaken-or is it covered up?-identity, and a ruthless lawsuit against a struggling Christian school. Sally Beth Roe, a young loner, a burnout, a kind of “leftover hippie,” finds herself caught in the middle of these bizarre events, fleeing for her life while trying to recall her dark past.

Across a vast panorama of heart-stopping action, Sally Roe’s journey is a penetrating portrayal of our times, a reflection of our wanderings, and a vivid reminder of the redemptive power of the Cross. A companion volume to This Present Darkness, readers have purchased over two million copies of Piercing the Darkness since its publication in 1989.

I started my love affair with Frank E. Peretti when a very special friend gave me This Present Darkness (Darkness Set #1) as a gift. Together with the book was a strong recommendation to read it as soon as I can, which I obediently heeded and I wasn’t disappointed. I gave Darkness #1 a rating of 5 stars and since then, have been scouting for his other books especially the sequel, Piercing the Darkness (Darkness #2). It was after several months when I found a copy of Piercing the Darkness at Booksale, a shop selling used books, sold at only Php10!

Before I proceed to my review for Piercing The Darkness, I’ll re-post first my short review of This Present Darkness (first posted in Goodreads), as I feel I cannot talk about one book without referring to the other. This review is very general, that kind of review that I can come up with one minute after I have turned the last page. Though this review, as you’ll eventually find out, isn’t far different from all the other reviews I have already written. 😛


Read from April 15 to July 15, 2010.

5 stars.

Kept me up until the wee hours of the morning. I’m never much a fan of the supernatural but the spiritual impact of this book has made me more conscious and aware of the reality of spiritual warfare. The characters are “real” — believable — and the chapters leading to the end were fast paced and real suspenseful. It tells of the amazing power of prayer and on how God turns evil into fulfilling His own purposes.

A book every Christian should not miss!

I am sorry for the rather childish squeezing above, but that’s what has been running around in my mind after I finished the book. I absolutely loved it because I absolutely love crime and suspense novels.


Even though I gave 5 stars to This Present Darkness, I love Piercing The Darkness more. The second book has touched me much deeply and has even moved me to tears as I “journeyed” with Sally Beth Roe until she finally found her salvation. I love the hide-and-seek-cat-and-mouse mystery that shrouds Roe’s character, and I feel strongly attached to her in a very emotional way. I can relate to the questions and confusions she laid down in her letters to Tom Harris. I especially loved that the story has a big portion on legal issues on it, (plus some courtroom drama) and more particularly, one major character was a Christian lawyer. This is what really made the story very close to my heart. 😉

Plus. I was excited to read about the town of Ashton and see Marshall Hogan and Bernice Kreuger (from This Present Darkness) make a comeback in this sequel.

Although I had a little difficulty remembering all the characters (oh, but there are many of them, including the angels’ and demons’ names), this tiny bit of complication can be cured by going back a few pages and did not in any way affect the impact of the story in me after I turned the back cover.

The Darkness Set is a wonderful story of good versus evil, where the physical world is closely intertwined with the spiritual world, and where good always ultimately wins. Of course, for this to happen, there has to be contribution from the Christians – or the saints, as Peretti refers to them – through praying. The issues of humanism, mysticism, demon-possession, and religious freedom are all relevant especially in the growing trend of Unitarianism and New Age ideologies.

After reading this book, I spent a good deal of time reflecting of how much importance I give to my prayer time. I was reminded about the “power of prayer” that I already knew but have never really given much attention to. This has greatly affected my attitude towards prayer and has in many ways opened my eyes to the reality that life is one big spiritual battle…and someday, in His perfect time, the end will come.

Although the two novels can be read and enjoyed interchangeably, I still recommend that you read Darkness #1 first before going on to Darkness #2. Just a little OC behavior won’t hurt. 😉

5 stars.

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4 thoughts on “PIERCING THE DARKNESS/Frank E. Peretti (Darkness Set #2)

  1. Love love love both books. 🙂 I’m so glad you loved them, too. Sally’s repentance scene at the park always, always drives me to tears.

    I think I’m going to have to dig these two books out soon and reread them. 🙂

    1. That scene at the park has driven me to tears too! And her letters to Tom are both emotional and cerebral at the same time.
      I have The Prophet next on my to-read Peretti list. 🙂

  2. Hi! I’d love to read Piercing the Darkness, This Present Darkness, and Prophet but I can’t buy them on Amazon. Seems like they can’t deliver them here. May I know where did you buy those books? Thanks! 🙂

    1. Hi, Dianne. Except for my copy of Piercing the Darkness which was bought brand new, all the rest of my Peretti books were bought from a used bookstore. I regularly see copies in Booksale, especially. I hope you get to find copies of your own soon! 🙂

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