COUNTDOWN TO OCTOBER (My Birthday Reading Challenge)

Inspired by a post of a wonderful book blogger and fellow booklover, and in order to further my efforts of making a dint off my TBR shelf, I am imposing yet another reading challenge for myself. And since I am turning 30 this year, a countdown to my birthday appears to be an exciting event. Yes, I am not dreading the 30-year plague that seem to haunt some ladies these days. In fact, I am looking forward to it. And what better way to celebrate my 30 grace-filled years than doing an activity I love the most? Of course, I am talking about reading books. So here are the details of my birthday reading challenge for this year, in bullets:

The Title: Countdown to October
The Book/s: The Mitford Series (Book 1-8) by Jan Karon
The Mechanics: Very simple. One book every month. And of course, the obligatory review of each book.
Start: March (gotta catch up fast!)
End: October (my birthmonth)

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I still have to look for Books 5 and 7, though. But since I have until July to look for Book 5, anyway, I can begin to do this challenge by reading Book 1: At Home in Mitford. Tomorrow, I’ll do it tomorrow. 🙂

Yay to birthdays! And yay to books! 🙂

2 thoughts on “COUNTDOWN TO OCTOBER (My Birthday Reading Challenge)

    1. The author was recommended greatly by a good friend and fellow booklover. I haven’t read any of her books yet, and the reviews in Goodreads have been varied. So I guess it still depends on the taste of each reader. If I finish book one, I’ll post a review so you will have an idea. 🙂

      Anyway, I always see copies of the series in Booksale for as low as P10, so maybe if you chance upon one, you can read it too. 🙂

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