In the mail

Last Friday afternoon, I received a notice of parcel from the local post office. I didn’t know where the parcel came from (the notice did not say) but I had a hunch that it could be a book. I let the matter sleep over the weekend until Monday, and earlier today I finally had the time to claim my package.

It was indeed a book! Just the sight of any book always makes me squee in delight! I wonder why. 😉

You see, a couple of weeks ago, as a result of some unexplained boredom, I responded for the first time to a Book Giveaway Contest in Goodreads. I got quite intrigued by the book title and its synopsis considering that for the longest time I have been a fan of mystery/thriller/crime novels ( I grew up with Nancy Drew and The Hardy Boys). Still, my decision to join was made half-heartedly, I was not even expecting the book to arrive this soon. In fact, I didn’t expect to receive the book at all! So, for the record, this is my first time to receive a book giveaway. Isn’t it cool? 😉

But the author, Augustus Cileone, is such a wonderful guy to send me a copy of his book after a couple of days. Thanks sir!

I am dropping all of my currently-reading books as of the moment to give time to finishing A Lesson In Murder. Writing a book review in exchange to this free copy certainly will not hurt. 🙂

signed by the author himself 🙂

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