A LESSON IN MURDER/Augustus Cileone

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When a wealthy benefactor and alumnus of Eastern Friends School in Pennsylvania is found murdered, details at the scene prompt Lt. Frank DiSalvo to introduce himself at a faculty meeting. There he meets Maxwell Hunter, an English teacher who likes to lecture about the mysteries of literature. At first, DiSalvo brushes off Hunter s offer of help, but when the second EFS-connected murder is discovered, he changes his mind. With his sharp eye for detail, and uncanny ability to assemble the pieces of the picture, Hunter identifies the literary modus operandi… but can he predict the next attack time to prevent another murder?

After receiving this book in the mail last week, I put off all my other currently-reading books in order to finish this over the weekend. I love any mystery book and this goes true with A Lesson in Murder. It is a quick and easy read, though there were times I got confused with the names of the characters and had to do some back reads to refresh my memory. Ahh, but that has been my personal dilemma ever since. πŸ˜€

A Lesson in Murder starts a little slowly in the first few chapters as the main characters, Professor Maxwell Hunter and Lieutenant Frank DiSalvo, are introduced into the story. Gradually, the pace begins to pick up after the discovery of the second murder and this is where Hunter and DiSalvo really tightens their team-up in order to predict, and prevent, the next probable killing.

I like Mr. Augustus Cileone’s idea of using literature to piece together the evidence in a murder investigation. I am fascinated with the little detective game played by Hunter and Patricia Delvecchio and the Situations game, too. Mr. Cileone created enough suspense to keep one guessing on who might be the real killer until the very last chapter, and I have been tempted many times to sneak a peek at the few last pages just to find out who the murderer is. πŸ˜€

A Lesson In Murder is not just your typical detective/ mystery story, but it also contains a trickle of social commentary on the disparity between the rich and the poor and how far one can go to amass wealth for himself.

All in all, A Lesson For Murder is an interesting read. Time for me to read The Great Gatsby!

3 stars.
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