This is the first book in a series of 9, and my first time to read a book by the author. At Home in Mitford is a sweet story about a fictional town called Mitford where everybody seems to know everybody, and everybody helps everybody. The main character is Father Tim, the local Episcopalian rector, and the story revolves mostly around him – how he adopted a dog he named Barnabas, looked after an 11-year old boy, got interested in his new neighbor, skipped his daily exercise, and had his car repaired, among many others.

The characters in Mitford are mostly lovable, even Homeless Hobbes, and the love stories are a delight to read. One thing I have observed is that except maybe for Dooley, the 11-year old boy left under the care of Father Tim, all the other characters are adults, most are elderly. But one just has to laugh at their childlike personalities. I am reminded of the Anne of Green Gables series while reading this book. I don’t know why. Maybe it is because the characters are easy to fall in love with and the quaint description of the Mitford town is comparable to the small town of Avonlea where Anne Shirley lived.

At Home in Mitford offers an idyllic escape from a chaotic world, where all you get to ever read is the utter goodness of every character, eventhe town Mayor is just so good to be true. It took quite a while for me to finish this book, it is the kind of story every page you want to savor and requires no chest-thumping suspense to make you flip the pages until you finish. Reading At Home in Mitford is like watching a teleserye (TV soap opera), you only need to spend 30 minutes every day for one episode and then look forward to another episode on the following day. Or maybe it is like reading a string of short stories tied together and bound into a single book. Of course, I am saying this as a complement.

At Home in Mitford is a humorous, charming and calm read, a perfect companion to the beach or the airport lounge. If you don’t mind doing simultaneous reading, you can pair this with a more fast-paced story, just like what I did, in order to break the monotony.

3 stars.

18/50 2011 Goodreads Reading Challenge
4/30 2011 Reading Goal (Not quite doing much progress here, boo)
1/9 Birthday Challenge: Countdown to October (way, way behind! Pfft.)

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