You should not be fooled by the cute cover image as this is not a children’s book, and yes, you have read the title correctly, it is indeed not The Princess and the Pea, and the latter story does not have any similarity with this book, except of course the princess who cannot sleep because of an uncomfortable lump on her bed.

Reading the title alone, you might initially give out some chuckles. Come a few pages later, your chuckles will turn into guffaws. Because The Princes and the Penis is a totally laugh-out-loud story. I first knew about this book from a good friend, and upon seeing that it is downloadable for free in Goodreads, I immediately saved a copy to my computer and finished reading it in only one sitting.

The Princess and the Penis is a quick and short read. In just 40 pages (in epub format), the author has managed to weave a hilarious story about a beautiful and kind-hearted princess named Amalia who was so over-protected by her father that no male could ever approach her and forbade all matters about love or romance to be discussed with her. This was to preserve her purity and innocent when the time came for her to marry. One day, Amalia arrived at breakfast complaining that she wasn’t able to get any sleep because of a lump in her bed. For several days, nobody can seem to solve the problem about the annoying lump in Amalia’s bed, which, when she described it, closely resembles a giant male organ. Of course, the king was greatly agitated considering that Prince Rupert from a wealthy kingdom is coming to claim the princess as her wife. How Amalia would finally uncover the mystery of this enormous lump on her bed, and the unsuccessful attempts of her strict father to remove this temptation from his chaste daughter are all exceedingly hilarious.

What I like about The Princess and the Penis is that even though it deals with a supposedly censored subject and premise, still it was able to modestly get away with it without making the reader feel uncomfortable or guilty. And since it is told in a fairy-tale manner, you get the feeling that you are reading a children’s book except that from time to time that P word pops up, no pun intended. And I especially like the funny, witty exchanges between Aunt Leila and Aunt Ingrid during the “sex education” of Princess Amalia. I think this is a timely read, considering the hot topic of the Reproductive Health Bill in the country. RJ Silver is definitely a genius for coming up with this very original idea of a comedy.

So, there. There’s no harm in getting some good laughs from time to time, considering that you can have the source of laughter for free. Here is the author’s website where you can also download a copy of this book for free.

For its explicit content, parental supervision is strongly advised for minors. Seriously. This book can be pretty educational if read with an open mind.

5 stars. If only for the good laughs I had during a very stressful week.

19/50 2011 Goodreads Reading Challenge.

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