In the mail and other bookish delights

There seems to be nothing that can possibly give me sheer pleasure on a rather ordinary day than receiving books in the mail. Last Thursday, I received this small box that contains one of the sweetest surprise gifts ever:

thanks Gian 🙂

Under cover of darkness, something evil is at work in Hyde River, an old mining town deep in the mountains. Its latest victim, nature photographer Cliff Benson, was brutally killed while camping — and his wife Evelyn has been driven nearly mad by what she saw, but she can’t remember what it was. The sheriff thinks a rogue bear killed Cliff. But townspeople whisper — and Cliff’s death is just the latest in a long string of bizarre “accidents.” Cliff’s brother Steve is determined to find out the truth about what’s concealed in the old caverns near Hyde River, a mystery that the local folk legends only hint at. (from Amazon)

Looks like another interesting read. Plus the fact that Frank E. Peretti is one of my favorite authors, ever since I read This Present Darkness. Never mind that my to-be-read pile seems to take more space in my room. I will somehow certainly manage to read all of them! 😛

And then yesterday, I went to visit Booksale and came out with absolutely excellent finds:

The first book in the Emily Series by Lucy Maud Montgomery:


When Emily Starr’s father dies, she is sent to live with her stern aunt Elizabeth at New Moon Farm. She’s sure she’ll be unhappy, but she soon discovers new friends, the beauty of her surroundings, and a love of writing. (Cover image and blurb from Goodreads)

After I completed my Anne of Green Gables set in Booksale, I set out to look for the Emily series next. I bought the third book (the last in the series) almost 2 years ago, and upon seeing the first book yesterday, there is not much prodding needed for me to buy it. One more book, and my collection is complete. Yay! The joy is in the hunt. Raaawr! 😀

Jzhun has declared June to be a Ken Follet month, so I also bought this for just Php 37!


When a research scientist begins studying the genetic components of aggression she discovers a chilling conspiracy involving the government, a biotech company, and her own university, all devoted to reshaping society through genetic manipulation. (Book cover image and blurb from Goodreads.)

So there. As I’ve said, there’s really nothing that can give me sheer satisfaction than the idea of having new books, gift or otherwise. (Book-hoarding addict alert!)

What about you, what is your ultimate bookish delight? 🙂

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