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So I’ve been recuperating from allergies for several days now, but even the ugly, red rashes on my arms and legs cannot prevent me from making any Booksale visit. Actually, I think, because of my rashes, I got more reason, and more time, to do some book-hunting. Never mind that I have a self-imposed reading goal basically putting a rein (supposedly) to my book hoarding! 😛

Here are three pre-loved books I acquired lately from Booksale:

Caleb Carr’s Angel of Darkness is the sequel to The Alienist, which I finished reading last week (4 stars).

Eleanor Coerr’s Sadako and The Thousand Paper Cranes is the Monthly Group Read for June on Goodreads, which I have yet to read. Here’s the book blurb I got from Goodreads:

“For twenty-five years, middle-grade readers have been moved by this telling of Sadako Sasaki’s spirited battle with leukemia. She was two-years-old when the atom bomb was dropped on Hiroshima at the end of World War II, and dizzy spells began when she was twelve. She faced the disease with an irrepressible spirit and focused her energy (and that of everyone who knew her) on folding 1000 paper cranes, which Japanese legend held would prompt the gods to make her well again. Eleanor Coerr crafted this story of Sadako’s twelfth year after reading the book of her letters her classmates compiled after her death.”

Barry Siegel’s Actual Innocence was just an afterthought, I do not have any idea what the book is about, but the summary at the back seemed interesting plus that it only costs P30 (less than a dollar). I have not read a legal thriller for quite sometime so I guess this could be a good read. Here’s the blurb I got from Goodreads:

“California lawyer Greg Monarch was in no mood for visitors. But it’s not every day a federal judge comes knocking at his door, especially with a curious request: to review the final appeal of a murderer on Death Row who personally asked for Greg’s assistance. Tired of defending killers, Greg has every intention of turning the case down—until he discovers the prisoner is a former lover he hasn’t seen in two decades: the fiery, impetuous Sarah Trant.

Her fate determined in a verdict rendered five years before, Sarah was found guilty of slashing an old man’s throat in central California’s sheltered El Nido Valley. All subsequent appeals have been denied. Now, six months from execution, she turns to the one man she hopes can save her. Greg failed once before trying to rescue Sarah from her private demons. This time, however, the demons may not be just in her head.”

So, that’s it. Before I get to read these latest haul, I should finish first Ken Follet’s The Third Twin which I have been trying to finish for the last 2 days. 🙂

“When a research scientist begins studying the genetic components of aggression she discovers a chilling conspiracy involving the government, a biotech company, and her own university, all devoted to reshaping society through genetic manipulation.” (from Goodreads)

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