did not finish and a bookish squee

Or maybe I should have titled this post the other way around: a bookish squee and did not finish, but that does not sound just right.

Either way, I will go with the bookish squee first. 🙂

After reading Francine Rivers’ Mark of the Lion Trilogy, I have instantly become a Francine Rivers fan. It is no secret that I am an avid fan of Christian literature and the books of Francine Rivers are one of the most inspiring stories of Christian faith I have ever read. Recently, I finished The Scarlet Thread and loved it dearly. Since then, I have long been wanting to read Redeeming Love and because Francine Rivers books cannot be easily found in second-hand bookstores or even the local bookstores, I was already planning to request a friend or a cousin in the US to buy a copy for me. However, last night, I was at the mall and dropped by Booksale (of course, this is no surprise already). Imagine my delight when I saw a copy of Redeeming Love, all shiny and new. I didn’t have any second thoughts when I grabbed the book and headed to the counter, even if the price (Php127.00) is more than what I normally pay for books I get from Booksale. I was overwhelmed with happiness because when I got home I just have to cover this priceless book with plastic!

oh joy!

Oh, the joy that a book can bring. 🙂

Now on to the did not finish part of this post. Or do I have to spoil the excitement because of this rant? Anyway, here goes. Two months back I bought Barry Siegel’s Actual Innocence, without any expectations whatsoever, considering that there are not many positive reviews about it. I started to read it wanting to have a taste of a compelling legal thriller that I sorely missed. Two months thereafter I still have not gotten past Chapter 5. I know I should have dropped the book altogether, but the OC that I am I was determined to finish it. However, seeing that my progress in my 2011 reading goal has been hampered (I’m already 4 books behind!) because I cannot get past one book in two months, I decided to finally give up trying to finish it. So Barry Siegel’s Actual Innocence is now in my did-not-finish shelf, together with 15 others. I will no longer delve into why I was not able to finish reading the book aside from stating the most common reason why we don’t read certain books: it is boring.

With Actual Innocence now out of the picture, and Redeeming Love newly covered and ready to be read, I hope I can finally get out of the reading slump that I have been suffering for quite a while now.

Hurray for wonderful books! 🙂

3 thoughts on “did not finish and a bookish squee

  1. I love the feeling of getting a great book from Booksale.:) Congrats on your find! I actually covered two books last night too, after seeing your tweets, lol!:)

    1. Hi Celina! It was actually an unplanned Booksale visit. Does that happen to you too? Finding great books when you do not really intend on buying anything at all?:) And yay to plastic covers! Our books will love us for that. 🙂

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