Finally, we have come to the last Filipino Friday that aims to promote the first ever Filipino Reader Conference happening this Wednesday, September 14. Yay!

It’s just too bad that I won’t be able to attend this awesome gathering of bookish people and talk about books, book clubs, and book blogs. Anyway, I am still thankful that in this age of technology, I can still be updated by the day’s events through, Tina, the live “Twitter-er” (as she puts it) of the event.

Okay, on to this week’s topic:

What do you hope will happen in the Filipino ReaderCon? What are you expecting from the event?

Knowing that I’ll not be able to attend the first ever Reader Conference, I feel that I am not in the position to really impose expectations for this event. All I have are a bunch of good wishes. That the event will be able to achieve what it aims to do: support Filipino readers in the Philippines. (Yes, I got this one from the FAQ page of the Filipino ReaderCon site. Haha.)

I also wish that this will not be the first and last reader conference ever. And that the next time around, I hope to already be able to attend. 😀

So, there. Reading books is cool. And so are the book lovers. I’ll be looking forward to the live updates! 🙂

And on another note. I think I’m loving Filipino Friday already, and I am planning to be a participant even after the reader conference. This time, catch Filipino Friday at Filipino Book Bloggers, after the Reader Conference. 🙂

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