Here is the last set of questions:

Part 5: What’s the Use of You to The Truth

1. What is more painful to Conor than the death of his mother? Why does he need to be honest?

What is more painful to Conor than the death of his mother is the truth that secretly he wanted to let go of his mother. He feels guilty for feeling this way and this is the reason why he is constantly in turmoil with his inner self. By being honest with what he really feels, he will set himself free.

2. At the end of the novel, Conor says something very important to his mom. Why must he say it? Why must she hear it?

By saying the truth, Conor sets himself free. By hearing the truth, Conor’s mom becomes free. And freedom is important both to Conor and to his mom.

3. This isn’t related to just Part 5, but to the whole book: what makes A Monster Calls such a powerful novel? If you could talk to Conor, what would you tell him?

 A Monster Calls is a very powerful novel because it deals with a powerful theme – honesty. Being honest with oneself may be painful but it is liberating.

I want to tell Conor that life goes on. So he must also live on. And from then on, live with courage and strength. From then on, he must learn to be honest with himself. Otherwise, the monster might come back and haunt him again. He wouldn’t want to go through all that pain all over again, would he? 🙂

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