The first month of the new year has not yet ended, but already I have a number of book purchases made. It’s a good thing I did not impose a book-buying ban upon myself this year because I know that doing so will only make a liar out of me. I just challenged myself to be more prudent in buying books this year and as much as possible think a dozen times before making the purchase. So far, so good. Six days before January 2012 ends, I already bought 5 wonderful books:

The first two books from the top were both bought brand new from a bookstore I happened to pass buy at SM last week. It’s a bookstore that also sells Precious Hearts Romances pocketbooks and children’s books. I bought Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Black Beauty because I am currently completing the 51 children’s books included in the 501 Must-Read Books list.

Too bad because I just learned that the above books were abridged versions. I especially liked Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland because it is an illustrated version. I might just give them away as gifts to my inaanaks. 😉

I think the kids will love the pictures and the large font 🙂

Earlier this evening, I was in the mall for some errands and did not pass up the chance to visit Booksale. I went home carrying three precious books in my hands, worth Php 35.00 in all — one soft-bound and the rest, hard-bound. Weee! 😀

Just recently, I finished reading Oceans Apart by Karen Kingsbury (the review I will post afterwards) and I resolved to buy more of Karen Kingsbury’s books, hence the copy of Like Dandelion Dust. 🙂

My copy has a little tear on the upper right corner (see that?) but I just cannot let go of the opportunity to buy a Php10.00 book. 😀

The second book is Back Roads by Tawni O’Dell. I don’t have any idea what this book is all about or what the reviews say about it, except that it has an Oprah’s Book Club seal which totally piqued my interest. The summary in the book jacket seems interesting, though. I just don’t know when I’ll be able to read it but a book is a book and the price of Php 10.00 for a hardbound copy is such a bargain, who am I to refuse? 😀

I just wish Booksale clerks will stick the price tags on a free space, right?

Lastly, the third book is a fantasy novel. I am not a hardcore fantasy fan but the cover looks cute I can’t resist buying it, plus that it’s only for Php15.00. Never mind that I haven’t heard about the book and the author yet. (Book hoarding alert!)

Don't you think the cover's pretty?

What added to my interest in this book are the Bible quotations at the start of each chapter. Such a lame excuse I know but I am a Christian fiction fan, anything remotely related to the Bible will totally intrigue me. 😀

Bible verses in a fantasy novel?

So there. Six more days to go before the month ends. I still don’t know whether I’ll be able to buy more books until January 30. All I know is that I am happy with my book buys. I just hope I find the time to read all of them. 😀

What about you? What are your recent book hauls? I’d love to hear about it! 🙂

2 thoughts on “BOOK BUYS (1)

  1. I’m amazed to hear about rather obscure authors and books from you, Lynai. I don’t usually buy books that I know nothing about; I only acquire books that are recommended, or that I know have become popular because of the author, or otherwise, just popular. I’ll ask you for recommendations when I feel like a change in scenery. 😉

    1. Guilty as charged. 🙂 I always feel bad not having to buy anything when I visit Booksale so I sometimes often end up buying books I don’t even know/hear about, especially if they are at super low prices. Haha!

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