“Innes? Innes, it’s Isabella. Isabella Velasco…Can you call me as soon as you can?” It sounds like a simple message left on an answermachine. But for Innes Haldane, the name Isabella Velasco is enough to make her blood run cold. It’s a name from her past – a past she has tried hard to forget. For in 1977 a fifteen-year-old Innes spent a year in Edinburgh at the Unit, an experimental home for highly intelligent but dysfunctional teenagers. There her fellow patients had included shy and studious Simon Calder, aggressive Alex Baxendale, rapist Danny Rintoul and the beautiful Isabella Velasco. The year was to have catastrophic repercussions on all concerned. And now, nearly three decades later, Isabella is trying to make contact again. But Innes never finds out why. For only days later she reads a newspaper account of Isabella’s suicide at a local swimming pool. Innes’s shock quickly turns to fear when she hears that Danny, too, recently committed suicide by drowning. Has some dark event, buried deep in 1977, come back to haunt them all, with tragic and terrifying results?

If you have been reading my posts for quite sometime, you already know that I am a fan of mystery/suspense stories. I love the chest-thumping, heart-stopping, and hand-trembling sensation brought about by suspense stories and I love making who-done-it guesses related to solving the mystery in a particular story. My love for mystery and suspense books started when I was in highschool when Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys became popular readings amongst my friends and classmates.

Suspense and mystery are inherent in most if not all crime stories and it obviously follows that I love crime stories too. Before I learned to love other genres, I thought that crime stories are the only books that I can ever tolerate. It’s a good thing I came across Goodreads, and I was able to discover other genres and thus expand my reading preferences.

I bought The Reunion by Sue Walker one fine, random day at Booksale without having any idea how good (or bad) it is and without any inkling who the author is except that it was only Php20.00 and its blurb seems to be just the kind of book I would like (suspense, check…mystery, check). It has suspense and mystery, all right, but I feel that the resolution towards the end took very long. I believe that for a suspense story to be effective, it must keep up with the pace otherwise it will turn out to be anticlimactic. The Reunion was just like that – anticlimactic. The suspense was so prolonged I finally got bored with it and did not care how the mystery will finally unfold in the end. I still endured it until finish and though there were some unexpected plot twists and surprising revelations, my interest had faded already that I was no longer that shocked nor surprised.

I have not heard about Sue Walker before so I did not have any idea about her writings. I do not have any trouble liking the way she writes except that the repeated flashbacks in the story terribly confused me and therefore added to my growing disinterest. This may be the last time I will ever read a book from Sue Walker, no offense meant. I do not mean to say that I entirely hated the book. It is okay, but entirely forgettable.

The Reunion is a leftover reading from last year and I don’t know for how long this book has been sitting in my shelf. It just feels good to finally count this off my TBR list. Now on to other more interesting reads.

2 stars.

2/50 2012 Goodreads Reading Goal.

*Book summary from Goodreads.

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