For this month, I had lined up two kiddie books for the Required Reading Challenge, and this book is one of them. Considering my busy schedule and the anticipation of more busy-ness until May, light and easy reads like The Medusa Plot are always a welcome respite. Of course, some may ask why read when you are busy? Ah, but I cannot just give up reading that easily, can I?

The Medusa Plot is the first of a new series of the infamous (among teens, anyway) 39 Clues Series by Gordon Korman.  To be very honest, I do not have any clue at all about 39 Clues before reading this book. I just won this book from an online giveaway last year and winning a book is always wonderful, even if I don’t know what the book is all about, right? And just because I don’t want to end each paragraph in this post with a question, I am adding this last sentence. 😛

Anyway, back to this book. As it turned out, The Medusa Plot is a highly entertaining story of suspense and mystery reminiscent of Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys which I greatly enjoyed while I was in elementary and high school. The story revolves around Amy and Dan who are members of the powerful Cahill family and who have been tasked to solve the mysterious disappearances of some members of their clan all over the world. Shortly after the story begins, Amy and Dan learned that the Cahills who disappeared were kidnapped by a secret group known as the Vespers and the first task that the kidnapper who calls himself Vesper One gave the siblings was to steal the Medusa painting from a museum in Italy.

The kidnapping and the painting stealing which are central in The Medusa Plot is undoubtedly not an original plot (some parts in the story remind me of The Da Vinci Code) but for teens who love a good mystery, this is one book they will likely enjoy. In fact, I also enjoyed it, except that I made a conscious effort to overlook some of the obscure incredulities of the main characters especially the vast riches and powers of the Cahill clan. Hey, this is fiction so anything is possible, right? (And here I go again, trying to end the paragraph with a question. Haha! There. I’m able to avoid it just in time. :D)

While reading this book, I always found myself going back to the time when I was so engrossed with and greatly affected by the sleuthing adventures of Nancy Drew. Had I been a highschooler while reading The Medusa Plot, I might have also been affected in the same degree with the chasing and mystery solving that Dan and Amy Cahill have done. My favorite character in this book is Evan. He is such a sweet, sympathetic boy and I guess any teenage girl may come to like him.

All in all, I really enjoyed the reading experience and I would love to read the sequels, but not to the point of buying my own copies. Maybe I will win copies of the other books next time, who knows? 😉

Ah, the question mark. 😀


3 stars.

8/50 2012 Goodreads Reading Goal.

1/2 Required Reading: March


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