I did not let the long vacation pass by without making any visit to Booksale and these are my latest acquisitions, my very first (and hopefully, last) for this month:

It is no secret how much I am a huge fan of Francine Rivers, especially her infamous trilogy, The Mark of the Lion Series. So, seeing a hardbound copy of Her Mother’s Hope for only Php80.00, I immediately picked it up and did not let go until I reached the cashier. Francine Rivers books are so hard to find in bargain bins so I think seeing this book on Booksale is one stroke of good luck. 🙂

Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy is my very first John LeCarre book and since it’s strongly recommended by Gian, I decided to give espionage/conspiracy books a (second) try.

As usual, seeing my latest book acquisitions gives me a different kind of high. But I hope I wouldn’t be splurging any more on books until the end of May! Which is wishful thinking, really. 😉

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