Frank Peretti is ♥

My love affair with the books of  Frank Peretti began when the boyfriend, who was still pursuing me at the time, gifted me a copy of This Present Darkness, with matching dedication on the first page saying how much he loved this book and strongly encouraging me to read it ASAP. I remember being so enthralled by the powerful plot and characters and deeply touched by the spiritual impact of the story and did not wait long enough to read the next book on this two-part set. True enough, the sequel, Piercing the Darkness, is as amazing as the first, but for me, I love Piercing the Darkness more because of Sally Beth Roe, the main character.

Last week, we had our prenuptial photo-shoot (which seems to be the norm nowadays), in our university library (yes, we’re bookish like that :P).  When I saw copies of Frank Peretti books on one of the shelves, I stifled a gleeful squeal. Remember, we’re supposed to maintain silence in a library, right? 😉

We just can’t not have our photos taken with our favorite books:

with our favorite Peretti books 🙂

I have already read Monster and even though I did not give it a high rating just like the first two books, it did not stop me from loving this awesome Christian suspense fiction writer.

Frank Peretti has released his latest book, Illusion, and I can’t wait to buy my own copy! For a blurb of the book, you can hop on to this Goodreads page.

In the meantime I have yet to finish The Oath (another gift from Gian) which I started last week, and then read Prophet (which I bought a few years ago). Ah, so little books, so little time!

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