lookie here at what I got! ♥

weeee! 🙂

Finally, the (not-so) long wait is over. Earlier this morning, I held in my hands this reading gadget I have been coveting praying for since last year. The Lord is indeed gracious to me for giving me generous friends such as a church-mate and fellow IVCFer (short for InterVarsity Christian Fellowship) who’s now in the US and gave me this wonderful gift.  I am overwhelmed by God’s surprises!

Let’s take a look at what’s inside:

YAAAY!!! ♥

I still have to find time, though, to read the user’s guide, considering that I’m such a moron when it comes to gadgets. But I am sooo looking forward to finally reading all my ebooks that are already “gathering dust” in my computer for quite a long time!

Now, does this mean that having a Kindle will reduce my hoarding tendencies when it comes to tangible books? Ah, that remains to be seen. 😀

Who’s excited? MEEEEE!!! 😀

my Kindle & I! 🙂


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