As I have been saying over and over again (forgive me I’m still having a hangover), the month of May was my wedding month and I have never felt so busy and stressed out in my entire life. I thought I won’t be able to squeeze in reading and certainly, I haven’t finished a book last month; however, I got to buy one! Haha! In between cramming shopping for wedding details, I just have to de-stress at a Booksale branch and found this for only Php5.00!

I have been seeing copies of this book previously but did not feel any urge at the time to buy it. But this time, seeing a 5-peso book certainly lifted my weary spirits and I had a huge grin on my face when I left the store! The Red Tent is very interesting because it tells the story of Dinah of the Bible, and any Christian fiction always has a special place in my heart and in my shelf.

June has been a busy month, too, but I still was able to squeeze in some book-hunting and found these wonderful hardbacks for only P60.00 each!

I guess it is necessary for me to say that when I did my book shopping for this month, it was on the day my dear husband went back to Bataan to work. Ahh, nothing can surely soothe my turbulent feelings than the sight (and smell) of (cheap) books!

The Last Sin-Eater is a Francine Rivers book, and those who frequent this blog (which are not that many really, haha) know that I am a huge Francine Rivers fan. I recently finished Redeeming Love and maybe by July I can squeeze in another Francine Rivers in my reading list.

Ah, the second book. Dean Koontz is another huge favorite author of mine and I have long been waiting for the price of this book to eventually come down. You can just imagine my delight when I saw that this is just for P60, and a hardback copy at that! I just finished reading The Good Guy recently and I will put up a review/reaction on the book (hopefully) next week.

This last book is a recent addition to my mountain to-be-read pile, a buy influenced by Monique of Bookish Little Me and Angus of Book Rhapsody, — bookish friends who read serious books like this. Let’s see if I become a “serious” reader one of these days too. Haha!

The past 2 months seem to have passed in a blur but both were still wonderful, reading-wise and life-wise. Here’s to more wonderful book buys/hunts in the coming months!

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