bookish wedding gifts :)

As I have said in my previous post, I got married last May 12. And weddings, most often than not, entail the giving of gifts, right? My friends really know what kind of gift can make me absolutely happy. Though I am equally happy with non-bookish gifts, I give out a different kind of squee each time I open a package of book! Some of the books aren’t exactly wedding/marriage related, but who cares, they’re BOOKS!

Here they are, and yes, you can cheer with me!

First on the list, George R.R. Martin’s complete set of A Song of Ice and Fire. I am currently halfway through A Clash of Kings and watching Season 1 of the HBO series.

Fireproof is one of my most favorite movies of all time, so having this gift from my lawyer friends is a delight.

The Beach is a long-time favorite and I am elated to finally have my own copy. Maybe I can find the time to re-read it someday.

I also received a handful of marriage books and parenting books, which we hope will come in real handy soon! 😉





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