2012 READERCON FILIPINO FRIDAY (1): Introductions

ReaderCon Filipino Friday is back! If you have been following this blog since last year, you will know that Filipino Friday is a meme of the Filipino Book Bloggers, but the next few weeks, this meme will focus more on the 2012 Filipino Reader Conference happening on August 12, 2012 at Filipinas Heritage Library, Makati City. (Check out my previous post for more details.)

This week’s Filipino Friday is about Introductions.

“Introductions. As with every start of a weekly meme, we need to know a bit about you! Talk about your top 3-5 (or more!) favorite books of all time, the genres you read and would never read, the books that surprised you this year. You can also talk about how you became a reader and why you love it so much! And finally, if you were in the ReaderCon last year, talk about your experience too! If you weren’t there, but you’re planning to go this year, then what do you expect for the upcoming ReaderCon?”

My top 5 favorite books of all time are the following:

The first three books are Christian fiction, so yes, I’m a fan of Christian fiction. I also love children’s books and currently I’m trying to finish all the children’s books listed in 501 Must-Read Books. Just recently I developed a love for YA Dystopian fiction (the reason why Chaos Walking is in my list above), a genre that I thought I would never love, but actually did!  Also, I am venturing the past few days into reading chic-lit, and I just finishedSomething Borrowed by Emily Griffin (3 stars). I am currently reading the sequel, Something Blue and I have theShopaholic series by Sophie Kinsella in my Kindle waiting to be read next. So far, I am enjoying the light reading, just the kind of break I need from a hectic work schedule.

How did I become a reader? I want to say that ever since I learned to read, I have immediately fallen in love with reading, haha! But as to what book really got me hooked into reading, I have talked about this when a fellow book blogger featured me in her blog’s The Spark Project. Do check it out!

Since I live in the Visayas, I wasn’t able to attend last year’s first Filipino ReaderCon, BUT, I was active online, actually participating in Twitter during the day of the conference, and won in the online raffle! YAY!  This year, I won’t be present in the flesh (for the same reason), but I promise to still participate just like last year, but with more vigor (I hope). I still believe in the power of (online) communication and I commit to help/participate in whatever way that I can.

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