This is my first conscious foray into chic-lit (I know some would frown at my use of the term, but I just don’t see anything wrong with it). I say conscious because I deliberately chose to read the book not for the reason that I don’t have anything to read anymore, but for the reason that I want to discover whether the chic-lit genre will find my way into my plate. And it did.

Something Borrowed is about 30 year-old Rachel, a lawyer working in a big firm in New York, single, and unhappy. Her best friend, Darcy, is getting married in a few months to Dex, and Rachel is the maid of honor. On the day of her birthday and after several drinks, Rachel finds herself in bed with Dex. What is worse, she doesn’t feel any regret at all. What will happen to Rachel and Darcy’s friendship? Will Rachel ever find true love?

Let me say this outright. I do not subscribe to the moral values (or the lack of them) in the story – living in, premarital sex, cussing, and making out with a person you just met. What motivated me to finish the book is because I want to see how the characters will respond to the situation. I gave the book, and the characters, lots of allowances and reserved my judgment until after the end.

It turns out that Something Borrowed has a sequel and so I am postponing my final judgment until after I’m done with Something Blue too.

Okay, on to this book. Something Borrowed is told through Rachel’s voice and I am very partial in favor of first person narratives. What I like about Rachel is that she is very honest in her feelings and her insecurities. She’s so human, and even though I believe I will not find myself in her shoes (first, I’m already married, and second, I love my job), my heart still goes out to her every time she’s at a loss about what to do with what happened.

Now, of Darcy. I am prepared to dislike her at first. She’s so self-centered and bossy, and worst of all, she’s judgmental. But because I promised to reserve judgment until I finish the sequel, I am giving her a few allowances. The preview of Something Blue shows that it is told through Darcy’s voice so I am definitely willing to listen to Darcy’s side this time.

Dexter is the last main character in this story. And how I hated the man. He’s such a coward and a loser, regardless of the fact that he is a brilliant lawyer. He wants to play safe all the time and cannot make up his mind. If he truly loves Rachel, he should have shown some respect to her feelings (and her body). I don’t see what Rachel sees in him, in the first place. (I guess I am allowed to bash the man. This is chic-lit, after all, and the story is told in a woman’s POV.)

What I like the most in the book is Rachel’s friends, Hilary and Ethan. It is always necessary to surround yourself with sensible friends who look out to your welfare, even if they sometimes hurt you by their honesty. In fact, I can’t believe that Rachel and Darcy stayed as best friends when all they do is lie to and feel insecure with each other.

I am not the kind of person who labels her friends into “best friend” and “not-best friend” categories but I can say that I have my share of close friends whom I can easily turn to everytime I am in need. Reading this book made me reflect on the nature of my friendships and I am glad I do not have a Darcy and Dex in my life to complicate it.

More than being a love story (I still have some reservations whether what Rachel and Dexter have is really love), Something Borrowed is more about friendships and up to what extent are you willing to sacrifice your own happiness for your friends.

3/5 stars.

23/50 2012 Goodreads Reading Goal.

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