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Frank Peretti is love. He is one of my most favorite authors when it comes to Christian fiction. I have read and loved The Darkness Set,  especially Piercing the Darkness, while Prophet is waiting to be read in my shelf. The Oath is a gift given by my dear husband last year (a little trivia: Gian is a Peretti fan too. He gave me a copy of This Present Darkness as his first “courtship” gift, haha) but it is only recently that I was able to read it. This is one of my required readings for April but wedding planning and the wedding itself  got in the way of my reading, so to speak, I was only able to finish this on the first week of May. As for writing the review, I only got to post this today, for exactly the same reasons.

Now on to the sort-of-review, which is actually more of a raving.

The Oath is a thick book, somehow its size had intimidated me. The first few chapters were a little bit dragging but the pace picks up gradually halfway through and the suspense just keeps building until it finally ends with a very powerful resolution. Despite its thick volume, this book is a very engaging read, especially for me who always love a good mystery story.

But more than just a story of suspense and mystery, The Oath is actually about sin and Peretti, in his ingenuity, decided to give a tangible form to it. In his Introduction in the book, Peretti started with this line:

“Sin is the monster we love to deny.”

 I love how Frank Peretti thoroughly described sin and man’s various attitudes towards it. He did not mince any words nor sugar coat the effect of having to live in sin and lies. I was never turned off by the fact that the book is preachy in most respects, because, well, this is Christian fiction and what should I expect, right? What is wonderful with Frank Peretti is he writes a good mystery story and deftly intertwines it with the Christian/spiritual message that is the main purpose of the book.

 The symbol for sin in The Oath is very beautiful – literally and figuratively. I love it that all throughout the book, I was always guessing whether or not there was a dragon indeed and when I finally found out the truth, I was simply awestruck.

 The characters are easy to relate with and the spooky town of Hyde River very realistically portrays some small communities of this day where everyone seems to know everyone and all of the dwellers are tight-lipped about the town’s own mysterious past.

 I love the lessons that this book has taught me. Above all, The Oath cautioned me that I am living in a fallen world where evil takes on different forms, including pretty, magnificent, seemingly innocent ones. Despite this truth, however, is the promise of redemption and forgiveness, and that all of us are merely living on grace — God’s matchless, incomparable grace.

 This is the kind of book I would love to pass on to my children.

5 stars.

1/2 Required Reading: April 2012.

18/50 2012 Goodreads Reading Goal.

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