2012 READERCON FILIPINO FRIDAY (4): Books and Friends

Oh, how I love the topic for this week’s Filipino Friday:

August 10 – Books and Friends. We will have book discussions hosted by several book clubs during the ReaderCon, so to prepare us for that, let’s talk about books and friendships and book clubs. Are you a part of a book club? If yes, what made you join one? What’s your favorite activity that you have with them? If you’re not a part of one, will you consider joining one? Why or why not?

Or if you’re not (yet) a part of a book club, do you have friends who share the same passion for books as you do? Do you have a “bookish” best friend? If yes, tell us about them! How did you become friends? What’s your favorite memory with them?

My love for books and reading has, I believe, developed ever since I learned how to read, and growing up, I am glad to have made close friends who were as passionate with books as I did.  I never ran out of bookish friends while in elementary and high school, and until now, I still have bookish friends too. I think I am blessed when it comes to having friendships like that.

In high school, I was a member of our school’s Library Club, I think I even became the President at one time, but all we knew about Library Clubs that time was that we should frequent libraries and read books there, aside from it being additional points for extra-curricular activities. There were never any book discussions at all and my only idea of doing book reviews was when I got into college and one of my History professors would make us write a review of one history-related book as a course requirement.

I only became an active member of a book club when I signed up on Goodreads  in August 2008 and subsequently joined one of the groups, The Filipino Group. I cannot  recall how I actually ended up signing for an account on Goodreads but I have a strong feeling that I must have been searching for reviews on a book and the site just came up. Still, I consider it one of the milestones in my life for I was able to affirm that yes, I am a passionate reader, and yes, I am not the only person on earth who is crazy about books. In fact, there are persons much crazier than me.  One benefit I got when I signed up on Goodreads is that I get to expand my reading preferences and explore other genres different from what I used to read. Another is that I feel I was able to improve my writing skills especially when it comes to doing book reviews, although most of what I write aren’t exactly reviews in the scholarly sense, but at least I am able to write sentences more than the 5-paragraph statements I used to write when I started out in Goodreads in 2008.

Considering that I live in the province and an island away from Manila where most of the face-to-face meet ups happen, I am more active online in our book club. I guess it’s a good thing that I was one of the early members of the group because I was able to forge friendships with the moderators.  Plus, it had been a wonderful opportunity for me to have attended The Filipino Group’s 1st Anniversary in April last year because I finally got to see and know the faces behind the names of the people I constantly interact with.

I must say that I am wary with my identity on cyberspace. However, when it comes to bookish discussions, I have learned to become more social and interactive, and I’m glad to have found bookish friends through my Goodreads account and through my book blog.

Eight more days, and it’s the 2nd Filipino Reader Conference!

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