EEEP! I know I made some many a lot of book purchases for the past month and time and again I promised myself that I won’t buy any more books, at least for this month, but look at me! I am doing this blog feature again, and it’s only the 3rd day of the month!

I was at the mall earlier and I passed by National Bookstore and saw that they were on sale. I decided to buy these books:

  1. Ito Na Siguro Ang Pinakamahabang Title Ng Isang Libro Na Ginawa Sa Pilipinas At Nagmula Sa Munting Facebook Page Ni AkoPOSIJAYSON Na Walang Maisip Na Pamagat by Jayson Benedicto.
  2. Lumayo Ka Nga Sa Akin by Bob Ong.

You see, I just have to buy these books because I made a promise that since August is my country’s Buwan ng Wika, I should at least make an effort to read local books, even for just this month.

Why these books? The first one with the long title I just picked on random because it was on a pile near the entrance plus that it’s only for a hundred pesos. I also think the title is witty and interesting, even though I don’t have any idea about the author.

The second book is my second Bob Ong (the first was Stainless Longganisa, which was just okay). The cover looks like that of Tagalog pocketbooks (i.e. Precious Hearts Romances) and since Bob Ong is popular for his wit and sattire, I decided to buy this book.

I was tempted to buy some of the chicklit Filipino books but finally decided against it. I feel that I am not yet in the mood for buying print copies of chicklit books. But if I can get hold of an ebook copy, I’d definitely read some of them, especially the ones by Mina Esguerra.

With these recent purchases, I feel less guilty now. I know I should be doing my share as a Filipino to patronize local authors so I hope that by buying these books, I have fulfilled just that.

Note to self: No more book-buying for the rest of the month, please? Unless it’s Cloud Atlas. 😀

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