Books In The Mail (4): The Tin Drum by Gunter Grass


This came in the mail yesterday:


I won this book when Angus of The Book Rhapsody held a giveaway of his extra copy over at Twitter. He even did a vlog about this raffle which you can read and watch here.

I am such a lucky soul when it comes to Twitter raffles, yes? My first twitter raffle winning was during the 1st Filipino Reader Conference. (Or maybe, there were just few entries to be raffled?)

Anyway, The Tin Drum is a German novel and my copy is an English translation by Ralph Manheim. The blurb at the book is very intriguing, it is about a 30-year old man who is being held in a mental institution after living through the long Nazi invasion. The story is told in his voice. and I am looking forward to reading a mental institution patient’s perspective. I must admit, though, that the length of the story somehow intimidates me (591pages, including the glossary), not to mention the small size of the font. This is another door-stopper!

Even Angus has warned me that the book is not an easy reading:

At any rate, I am still going to read this, but maybe for next year na. Thanks so much, Angus! When are you going to hold a Twitter raffle again? Haha! 😀

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  1. And this reminds me of my horrifying vlog, hahaha! You are welcome! I have paused after Book One (so many commitments!), but it’s a challenging yet intriguing book. It’s also funny and… basta! 😀

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