welcome me back, please!

It’s been exactly 16 days since this blog has gone down. I have ranted, cussed, cursed, and screamed silent abominations about HOW LOUSY OUR WEB HOST WAS and since we’ve already transferred to a new (and hopefully, better) host (it should be better because it’s more expensive, hey), I know that I should feel better now. But you know what? I am still having mixed emotions about all that transpired for the past two weeks concerning this book blog. I know that I must be happy now that the blog is up again but I just can’t help being irritated thinking all the work that has to be done such as re-posting my book reviews since May 7. And even though I know that getting bitchy about my lost posts (oh my ReaderCon posts!!!) and the comments won’t do any good at all but I just can’t help it sometimes. I have already forged a strong sentimentality over this book blog and knowing that I lost some of the posts I have labored for (yes, labored. I put in much effort in stringing words into coherent statements) just makes me want to tear my hair out in frustration.

Please forgive me for ranting. I hope you understand my misery (and my utter annoyance). I can’t say that I felt better after that, but at least letting off some steam has made me ready to write in a more positive tone this time.

Anyway, I figure that I should be proactive and not dwell too much on what has been. I will have to work on some stuff on this blog now that I am back again, and that includes:

  1. Re-posting the book reviews since May 7. Thank God I still keep copies of my drafts in MS Word. As to the memes, ReaderCon Filipino Friday posts, and the comments, SO LONG AND FAREWELL. IT WAS NICE WHILE YOU LASTED. EDIT: Yey, Angus was able to retrieve some of my posts (except for the comments) from Google Reader! He is such a sweet person. Hee. Thanks, Angus!
  2. Work on my review backlog. I have written an update of my reading progress on my blog of refuge. You can read it here.
  3. Set up a new banner and blog name. I have already thought of a blog name, but I still have to prod Luigi into making the banner. 😀
  4. Grieve over my lost posts. MOVE ON.

Okay, that’s it. Tomorrow is a new day and hopefully a new and better beginning. And since it’s a Saturday, I figure I will start working on No. 1. Hopefully, I won’t get lazy. The antecedent events concerning this blog has made me a little grumpy and lazy, but  know that I should learn to let go and move forward.

Welcome me back warmly, please?

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