For several weeks now, I have been trying my luck on finding a copy of this book at Booksale:

Finally, last weekend, the hunt was over. Most of my bookish buddies over at the book club have been raving about the genius of David Mitchell and I can’t avoid feeling out-of-place sometimes. Hee. 😉

But now, I already have my own copy and I can’t wait to read. I MUST READ it first before I go see the movie, which, by the way, is showing on the 26th.

Will I be able to catch up? We will see. 😉


8 thoughts on “BOOK BUYS (10)

    1. Too bad I wasn’t able to catch up with the buddy read. But somehow the uniform ratings you gave it has made me even more curious. Will definitely put this at thetop of my to-read list! 🙂

    1. I am intimidated by the sheer volume of the pages! Haha! Plus, I want it to be the only book to read during the month. Hm, maybe I’ll put this off in the meantime. I want my mood and the timing to be perfect when I read it. 😀

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