My blog turns two today!

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Happy birthday, dearest blog!

Two years of blogging, and it has been wonderful! Writing has been a passion ever since I was a child, and I am glad that this humble space has allowed me to do just that: write.

It’s A Wonderful Bookworld! as a book blog had its ups and downs for the previous years, but it cannot be denied that this blog has contributed a lot to my growth as a reader and as a blogger. I have still lots of things to learn, to read, and most of all, to blog about, and I am just eagerly looking forward to more blogging years in the future!

In celebration of my beloved blog’s 2nd birthday, I invite you all to join (in case you missed it) in the first ever giveaway I am doing. See this post.

For those whom I have met through this blog, thank you for the friendship and it has been a pleasure meeting you all! Cheers to books, blogs, and friendships! 🙂

See you all tomorrow for the announcement of the blog giveaway winner! 🙂

8 thoughts on “My blog turns two today!

  1. Happy second anniversary to It’s a Wonderful Bookworld!!

    Here’s to more years of blogging and reading. More power to you, Lynai! Our babies (re: blog) are growing up na. 😀

  2. Hello, Lynai!

    Happy, happy blog anniversary! Here’s to more books, more reading, more book-ish posts, and more book-ish peeps reading your book-ish blog about book-ish things!

    1. Thank you, Angus! I just hope I can do something with the backlog, though. And the blogging slump as well, especially on writing the pseudo-reviews. Haha! 🙂

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