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All the warm and fuzzy feels!!! Sigh.

I know that  the love month has already passed but I can’t help but let all the love and fluffy-ness spill over to March. Attachments is such a lovely, lovely book.  Had I known about this book earlier, I could have included this in my February reading list.

Jennifer and Beth both work in The Courier, a newspaper company, and they regularly exchange messages to each other using the company email, telling each other important and even random things about their selves. Lincoln is hired to monitor the emails of the employees and while on the job, got to know about these two best friends. Jennifer and Beth both know that someone whom they call  “the IT guy” reads the emails they send each other but that knowledge does not stop them from baring their souls and hearts. Lincoln should have both send them warnings for violating company policy but he just can’t seem to do so. The two friends are interesting and quirky and funny and Lincoln finds that he is actually looking forward to reading their messages everyday — even if he is not supposed to.

I don’t usually read all the reviews about a book I am about to read. I just browse through the ratings/stars and read a brief background about the story. That is why when I read the first few chapters of Attachments, I thought that this was not a love story. I thought that it would be a story about two people whose lives and friendship would intertwine with the events they would encounter in their work. I thought that Lincoln would only be just an outsider looking into the lives of Beth and Jennifer. I never thought that this book is actually mostly about him. This is such a sweet revelation, though, because I really really like Lincoln.

In fact, I think I finally have a fictional bookish crush. I don’t have a lot of bookish crushes (I can only think of Gale of The Hunger Games) but really, this time, I think I can finally claim Lincoln as my true bookish crush haha! Lincoln O’Neill is so easy to like — he is tall, smart, romantic, sweet (especially to his mom). Even his lame attempts to get himself a date and try to figure out what he wants in life are just so endearing. And most especially, he has all these geeky qualities that closely resembles him to Gian. (Hee, now you know why I’ve got a crush on Lincoln). *_____*

I am sorry for sounding like a pathetic high-schooler, but that is just the way I feel every time I remember Lincoln. I can’t help but gush and sigh about the story right after I was done with it. Haaayyyy. 😀

Beth.  I like her. I like her friendship with Jennifer. I like how she relates life events to movies and movie characters. She is headstrong and honest, and her dry humor is just the perfect antidote to Lincoln’s sentimentality. Beth’s character is actually revealed only by her emails but her it is enough to say that she is a perfect match for Lincoln. Only that both of them do not know it yet. And this brings me to my main point about this discourse:

“Is it possible to love someone you have not even met?”

I am not a believer of love at first sight. How can I possibly believe in love before that? This reminds me of a song that makes me feel mocked every time I listen to it: “I knew I loved you before I met you.” BUT. My romantic side can still tolerate all the fluffy-ness. For what kind of girl doesn’t want to feel all giddy and gushy sometimes? I am willing to overlook my practical and sensible self this time and just ride on with the feeling that yes, sometimes people do fall in love with someone they have not even met, if only in books. It is enough to say that Lincoln would easily confirm this.

“Do you believe in love at first sight?”

He made himself look at her face, at her wide-open eyes and earnest forehead. At her unbearably sweet mouth.

“I don’t know,” he said. “Do you believe in love before that?”

Did I say that this book just has all the feels? Sigh.

5/5 stars.

My copy: ebook

Thank you, Louize, for recommending this book to me! 🙂



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  1. Yii! Louize also recommended this to me. I’m also seeing the author’s other book, Eleanor & Park, around the blogosphere. will also check that out.

    *warm fuzzies*!

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