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From This Day ForwardSummary from Goodreads:

When a couple gets married, it isn’t just their lives that are thrown into chaos.

For Nicholas and Nala’s wedding, there’s the mother of the bride who is forced to face her failed marriage; there mother of the groom, who revisits her past — an old love; the bride’s best friend who has lost the only boy she thinks she will ever love and with him, all her happiness; the bride’s cousin who fooled around with her boyfriend’s best friend (who inconveniently turns out to be the groom); and the groom’s sister who cannot understand her brother’s choice of a future wife.

Surrounding the bride and groom’s happiness are the heartache, joys, hopes, dreams and realizations of the people who care about them. It makes you think: does everybody get a chance at happily ever after?


May is my second most favorite month because it’s my wedding anniversary month, and as part of the celebration of my first wedding anniversary, I chose Marla Miniano’s From This Day Forward as one of my required readings for the month. I really thought that this will be a feel-good-warm-and-fuzzy story. But I was wrong. I was misled by the title! Haha. 😀

Even though I was wrong with my expectations, I was not disappointed with how the book turned out. There were no fuzzy warm feelings but I got to realize that a wedding can affect not only the couple but the people around them too. Isn’t it a fact that when you get married, all you ever think about is how your life will change? Well, I did.

I got married last year and while wedding preparations were under way, all I ever thought about was how my life will  change and how my priorities will adjust and how I will finally get to live my own life. I didn’t really stop to think deeply about what my parents and siblings thought or what my friends are saying. Well, maybe it’s just fortunate that they already freely gave their blessing to me when I announced the engagement by expressing excitement and joy, so I was at peace. But to really ask them what they felt, especially my family? I guess I missed out on that one, and I felt guilty.

Reading this book now made me think how selfish I was that time. But who can blame me? I was not only giddy with excitement — I was overwhelmed with this life-altering decision I have ever made in my whole life.

From This Day Forward is very easy to read as it is short and the writing is straightforward. My only complaint is that I read this after I’ve finished A Visit From The Goon Squad and I can’t help but see the similarities in style. Both books have chapters devoted separately to different characters, and each chapter has a different style. There’s a chapter using the first person narrative, another chapter using the third person, a chapter which consists only of poems. In A Visit From The Goon Squad, each of the chapter also has different voices and style — i.e. the Power Point presentation chapter, the newspaper article chapter — and because of these similarities I can’t help but think that maybe, just maybe, Marla got her inspiration from this Nobel awardee?

This is my first Marla Miniano, and although I am not totally won over by this first read, I am definitely still eager to read her other books.


3/5 stars.

My copy: paperback from Tina and Monique. 🙂

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  1. I have yet to read this but when I read Marla Miniano’s “Table for Two” last year, I thought she writes really, really well. 🙂

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