this site might be dormant for a while (and my August 2013 reading plan)

This post is supposed to be a Required Reading post — a monthly meme I’ve been conscientiously following since last year. But if you are my friend over at Facebook, you will know that I recently gave birth and motherhood duties are taking up much, if not all, of my time these days, and to require my self to read a book would be taxing enough for me. So for this month and for a few months hereafter, I will be skipping Required Readings and just read what I can handle.

Of course I am not complaining. Motherhood is a special privilege and I want to savor each moment as much as I can, including the sleepless nights and the tiredness. So, blogging and reading will have to take the back seat in the meantime to give way to changing diapers and feeding and merely staring at the little one. Still, I will try to sneak in a book or two in between naps and while the baby is asleep because I am such a bookworm like that. Heee. 😀 I just don’t know whether I still have the energy left to post reviews but I will try. My review backlog is slowly piling up! But isn’t that always the case? We get to read books faster than we can write about them.

Anyway, for the month of August I have actually already finished one book. (Hah! I told you I’m a bookworm.:D)


Tall Story by Candy Gourlay is the TFG Book of the Month. I finished it way ahead of schedule because 1) I wasn’t able to open Goodreads and check the reading schedule, 2) the story is so easy to read, and 3) I’ve got nothing else to do while baby is asleep. It is a story about a giant boy and his short sister and how basketball taught them the true meaning of family. What I love about this book is that it contains Filipino myths and legends that makes it feel close to home.

Right now, I am attempting for the second time to finish this book:


A Clash of Kings by George R.R. Martin is the second book in A Song of Ice and Fire series. This is supposed to be a read along with some buddies over at the book club but my reading schedule was disrupted by the baby’s coming. I am catching up as much as I can, though, because 1)the buddies are already done with the book!, 2)the story has become more interesting this second time around, and 3) I want to join in the buddy reading of the third book, if ever there will be (I have a strong hunch that there will be). I guess this chunkster will take up most of my reading time this month so I have not planned on reading anything more other than this.

So there. I hope this will suffice as a monthly update of my reading progress and plans. I might pop in here and write a note or two (or not), but of this I am sure: I will still be reading and reading and motherhood will not ever change that. 😉

Happy August, friends! 🙂

8 thoughts on “this site might be dormant for a while (and my August 2013 reading plan)

  1. You’ll find that reading in between naps and feeding time will also keep your mind sharp. Still, there’s nothing like doting on the little one. Congratulations again, Mommy Lynai and Daddy Gian! 🙂

  2. Heh, I’m so behind on ACoK, so don’t worry about being behind. 😛 I’m also not so much in the mood to read it, for some reason.

    Again, congratulations! Your little girl is so precious and beautiful. ♥ Lots of love from TFG!

    1. I’m determined to finish ACoK this month, and the story’s getting interesting especially the one of Arya.

      Thank you, Tina. Baby Girl is taking much of my sleeping and reading time but I really don’t mind it at all. 🙂

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