2013 Filipino Friday (2): Kids and Books


We’re on to the second week of Filipino Friday! And don’t I love this week’s topic?

What were your favorite books as a kid or while you were growing up? Do you still read children’s books? If you could give your younger self a book to read, what would it be?

This question presupposes that I have been reading since I was a kid. Which is true. I always say that I have loved books ever since I started to know how to read. 🙂 I was introduced to reading through Bible picture books that my mother bought for us. And then there were the fairy tale booklets which were freebies from Nido. If I were to choose which among the books I’ve read while growing up was my favorite, it would be the Nancy Drew books that Nanay rented for me (my Nanay is the ultimate condoner of my reading habits). Since then, I’ve loved mysteries  and until now, I still find my self going back to mystery/crime stories as my comfort reads.

Of course, I still love reading children’s books. In fact, I’ve learned to love them more now that I’ve grown up. And then there are children’s books that I’ve only read (and loved) lately. Cases in point: The Velveteen Rabbit and Peter Pan. And because I have discovered that I love reading children’s books even at my age, I set up a reading challenge to read all the children’s books in the 501 Must Read Books list. So far, I’ve had good progress. Still stuck with Little Women, though. Hee. 🙂

If I were to give my younger self a book? It would be Peter Pan by J.M Barrie. I think my younger self would love the fantastical world of Neverland and would be able to identify herself with Wendy. And, I think I would even have a crush with Peter! Of course, the ending of the story would also be a great point for discussion with my mom (which I used to do then — the discussing) as it talks about choices and about growing up.

The Filipino ReaderCon is a few weeks away! Get to know more of the details on the Filipino ReaderCon website.

Till next Friday? 🙂


8 thoughts on “2013 Filipino Friday (2): Kids and Books

  1. Hey I remember those Nido booklets! Wow, those were the days. 🙂

    Are you a fan of the paperback or hardbound ND stories? I loved the hardbound versions. The paperbacks were too many for me to keep track. XD

    1. Hi Anne!

      I wish Nido would bring back those story books. My little daughter would love them. 🙂

      I loved the hardbound ones too. And because those were the kinds my mom would rent from the book shop. 🙂

    1. We had hardback Bible stories like that in the picture but I think they’re of a different publisher? I loved the illustrations. My most favorite would be the one about Joseph and his multi-colored coat. 🙂

      And yes, I won’t ever forget the Nido booklets because one of the fiercest quarrels I had with my siblings was over these booklets. With matching hair-pulling and kicking hahaha!

  2. Who’s another Nido kid? Me! Love those booklets. I vaguely remember having Goldilocks and the Three Bears, and Pied Piper, I think. I don’t think I had the Bible Stories Books but I grew up watching Flying House and Super Book, the Japanese animated children’s Bible tv series. 😀

    I enjoyed the Peter Pan cartoon as a kid. My sisters and I wanted our own Nana, the nanny family dog. Haha! Is the book similar to the story depicted in the Disney Peter Pan cartoon?

  3. This, I think, is true: Everytime we read a children’s book, we remain children at heart. I guess that’s why we never outgrow our love for these books, yes?

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