The Pinoy Book Drop: Preps

The 3rd Filipino Reader Conference will happen on November 9, 2013 at the Rizal Library, Ateneo De Manila University. If you won’t be able to be personally present on the day of the event itself (like me) fret not because there are already fun activities online which you can participate in to celebrate love for reading. One such activity that I’m excited about is the Pinoy Book Drop. Summarily, it’s about leaving a book in a particular place of your own choice and hoping that someone else gets to pick it up and read it. The Pinoy Book Drop does not only promote the love for reading but it also allows you to clear some space in your shelf (and make room for another set of new books, hee. It’s a cycle, really.) For more details, here’s a link to the instructions.

Last night, I chose the books I am willing to let go. There are four in all:

books for pbdrop

I have also printed out the book plates which I have inserted/taped inside the book cover:

book plates for pbdrop

Will “drop” these books within the week. Now, to think of places where I can (conspicuously) leave the books behind. Hmm.

Do join us! It’s fun and it’s for a worthy cause. All for the love of reading! 🙂

8 thoughts on “The Pinoy Book Drop: Preps

  1. Hi, Lynai! I guess I won’t be participating in this week’s Filipino Friday then. I can’t handle the uncertainty! I want to know if the books I would have been dropping would take care of them! Or if the books would be picked up at all!

    1. Hi Peter! Unlike you, I was so excited for this activity hehe. The uncertainty is actually part of the thrill. I hope you can muster enough courage and try it some time? 😉

    1. Hi Charlotte! In my case, I am not that emotionally attached to my books, with a few exceptions of course, especially of my favorites. I think I’ll be able to master the art of subtlety in dropping books the longer I do it haha! I totally enjoyed the experience. Try it sometime. 😉

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