2013 Filipino Friday (4): This Is Still Reading, Right?


I am writing this week’s Filipino Friday on a Monday. I meant to post on time but life a.k.a. laziness of the long weekend took over. Plus, I spent more bonding time with the little girl which I can’t do on regular work weeks. So there. It’s better late than never, yes? 😛

But before I proceed to this week’s topic, I want to share something related to last week’s topic.: I did a book drop last Monday. I know that the book drop week has gone and passed, but I still have books left un-dropped. Plus, last Monday’s book drop is well worth telling so here goes. I planned to leave a book at a restaurant. In fact, I was able to leave the book on a chair but, as what I and some book droppers fear, a waiter saw the book and he had to come after me (I was already on the escalator) to “return” my book. Agh. I had to put on my best “surprised” look to show that I have indeed “forgotten” my book. Because of that failed attempt, I have no other choice but to resort to the restroom again. Haha! And this time, there were no waiters coming after me to return my book. :)) So, my third book drop happened on October 28, 2013 at the second floor ladies’ restroom of SM City-Iloilo:

book drop 3
TIP: You can never go wrong with the restroom. Haha!

I have one more book left to drop (another Jane Hamilton) and I’m just waiting for the time I can get out of the house to do it. Book dropping is fun!

Now, on to this week’s topic (which is actually last week’s topic):

Do you read (or have at least tried to read) books in other formats aside from print? How was your experience with these different book formats?

Yes, I have been reading ebooks ever since I came to know about their existence. I used to read ebooks on the computer (to hell with eye strain) but ever since I got Elle, my Kindle, I have been hoarding ebooks with as much fervor as I have been hoarding print ones. Haha! I love the convenience of having a Kindle. Think this: You can carry tons of books with you anywhere you go. Plus, most ebooks are cheaper compared to brand new printed ones. This doesn’t mean that I won’t be buying print books anymore because, like all other book worms out there, I still love the smell of physical books, plus that I can highlight favorite quotes with my colored markers. 😉 Physical books are lovely to look at in a bookshelf, too. I am also buying print books for my little girl to start her love for books early. 😀

There is actually no difference between my reading experience using a print book from a Kindle. I can easily get lost in the story whether I am holding a Kindle or a paperback. I must admit, though, that the highlight and dictionary features of the Kindle are very handy to use. Plus, reading lengthy or thick books on the Kindle is less intimidating and friendly to the arm muscles as well. So yes, convenience is the primary reason why I love having an e-reader.

I haven’t tried audio books yet, and I don’t think I will soon. I have poor listening skills and I am afraid I won’t be able to keep track with the story if I just listen to it. I might “re-read” with an audio book but I don’t think I have the time for re-reading, what with my Mt. TBR (both print and ebooks) screaming at me for attention.

The Filipino ReaderCon 2013 is happening this Saturday!


2 thoughts on “2013 Filipino Friday (4): This Is Still Reading, Right?

  1. Hi, Lynai!
    I don’t think we will ever be done with book dropping from now on. I am considering on doing it every now and then, or quarterly.

    The right audiobook will surprise you. I hope you find it soon. I never thought I’d be hooked too, but Neil Gaiman’s narrations were irresistible. 🙂

    1. Yes, I think I’m going to do book drops now and then too. it’s fun! 🙂

      I might try an audiobook one of these days. I think Gilead will be perfect?

      Thanks for dropping by, Louize! 🙂

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