My blog turns 3 today: a celebration and a prayer

Happy third birthday, my dear blog!

Three years. And I love how, through this blog, my reading habits and preferences (at least, when it comes to fiction) have expanded. From being a die-hard, staunch mystery/crime  reader, I have ventured into fantasy, speculative fiction, literary fiction, young adult, chicklit, even children’s lit. The only genre I  struggle with would be the classics (but I am working on it, promise.) Also, through blogging, I have come to know fellow bloggers who share the same passion I have with reading and books, and through the years, friendships were formed. And for these wonderful friends, I am forever grateful.

So, what’s in store for this year’s blog anniversary? A couple of weeks ago, I came up with a weekly feature which I hope would perk up my blogging habits, especially on writing reviews. This feature is actually just an excuse for me to babble about things book-related (or non-book related, even) because I miss diary/journal writing, haha. We’ll see where this will take me. 😉

And then I wanted to do some changes on the banner and the blog name but my Photoshop skills are nil and what MS Paint skills I have are very, very limited (close to none?) so I have to scrap this plan. Plus, the husband whom I’ve been bugging about my plan for several months now, well, he cannot be bugged. Hmp. (My persuading powers did not work this time, I wonder why.) So there.

I also thought of doing another giveaway, like what I did last year, but the recent Yolanda tragedy has occupied my mind that I felt like a celebration along this line seems out of order and irrelevant.

So, in celebration of my blog’s birthday today, I am doing this simple blog post dedicated to my fellowmen affected by Typhoon Yolanda. If you want to celebrate with me, I am making a simple request: After you read this post, will you pause for a while and pray (if you’re the praying type) for the Yolanda survivors? Pray for hope, strength, comfort, and courage. Pray also for health and healing, safety and protection. Most of all, pray for peace.

This is all I ask of you. Thank you for celebrating with me. 🙂

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