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So far, since last week, I only managed to finish Ghosts — the second story of The New York Trilogy, and several stories from A Bottle of Storm Clouds. Not that I’m on a reading slump except that I already have my hands full with deadlines and work and Nanay duties above all. I am not complaining, especially that I have already reached my reading goal for the year, but sometimes I can’t help miss those reading marathons and all-nighters which I used to do before I had a baby. But one has to do what she’s gotta do, and so here I am trying to think of ways to squeeze in more reading in between my crazy schedule.

So, back to The New York Trilogy. I finished Ghosts a couple of days ago and it was as baffling as City of Glass. Until now, I am still digesting all that has transpired, my mind trying to wrap itself around the details, comprehending the whats and the whys and the hows. Paul Auster is an engaging storyteller, his writing isn’t that difficult to follow, only that he infuses philosophy into his stories and it is no secret that I am not big on philosophical books. Stories like these make me think too hard and make me ask many questions which I cannot answer (and which forces me to consult Wikipedia or other reviews). Still, stories such as Ghosts make me feel smart (haha) and I like it that I feel smart (haha). I will be reading the last story on the weekend and I am expecting nothing else than to be baffled for the third time.

The stories that I was able to finish from A Bottle of Storm Clouds (four, to be exact) are all amazing. I love it that the settings and the characters are so relatable.  Earthset, for example, mentions about Pinoy Big Brother. Some stories are heart-breaking, and there are those which confound me. There is one which made my head ache with all those mathematical formula and theories. I mean, Math? Please talk to me in English. Haha. Five stories more and I’ll finish the book, and already I am saying that I love Eliza Victoria. I’ll be adding more of her books on my wishlist shelf. (*hint hint for Christmas*).


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More book talk on this post because I received this from the postman this afternoon:

Dont Forget The Soap

I love the cover! It’s so Filipino. 🙂 I’ve already read the first few chapters but I’m reserving my comments until next week.

Until then! 🙂

6 thoughts on “Wednesday Diaries & A Book in the Mail

  1. The Locked Room is just as perplexing, I can tell you that. But I agree, Paul Auster is a very engaging storyrteller. He is also clearly good at messing with people’s heads. 😀

    My interest on A Bottle of Storm Clouds is increasing with every post that you mention it. 🙂

    1. I’m going to read the last installment on the weekend. I think a week-long hiatus is enough for my brain. I’m ready to be messed up again haha!

      And yes to Storm Clouds! Do read it when you get the chance. 🙂

    1. Di ba? Haha! I actually stay away from these kinds of stories (heavy stuff) but admittedly, Paul Auster’s storytelling is very easy to follow. Plus that his book is marketed as a mystery novel, and I’m always sold on everything that’s mystery. 🙂

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