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The Real Score

Caitlin’s friendship with Marcus, the de facto frontman of the world’s biggest boy band Gezellig, has long been an object of scrutiny by almost everyone–their friends and families, the media, and his fans–ever since they “went public” a couple of years back. Who wouldn’t be interested? She was a nobody, catapulted into the limelight of his fame when he struck an unusual friendship with her.

To both Caitlin and Marcus, what they have is a “perfect little thing.” But then something comes along and threatens it.

In a no-holds-barred interview, will they finally be forced to settle the score?

To be honest, I didn’t have any high expectations when I started to read this book. I thought it was the typical story of ordinary girl who falls in love with a popular guy and they lived happily ever after (despite all the odds and complications in between.) This could be true, but there was more. And I was glad that there was more.  What I loved about The Real Score is that it was more than typical. I loved that it explored the complications and blurred lines between friendships and love relationships. It wasn’t cheesy nor over dramatic. It was the right kind of kilig. And it made me cry. I can’t believe that a novella can make me teary-eyed in the wee hours of the morning. (Or maybe I am just a cry baby.)

Another thing that made me like The Real Score  was the music. The moment I read about ‘NSync (!), Backstreet Boys (!), Blue (!), Westlife (!), A1(!)… agh, it was high school all over again, and I was sucked right into the story. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to listen to Gezellig’s songs? (That is, if they’re real.)

It was very easy to relate to Caitlin: well-organized, calculated, ordinary. But I was glad that she was human enough to be willing to change, to try to change, even if it means going outside her comfort zone. And that thing about not making assumptions in a relationship? She was so right. And she was so right to admit how difficult it is not to make assumptions. If I were Caitlin, I would definitely have made assumptions too. I understand her fear, because once in my life, I have also been fearful like her.

And then there’s Marcus. The popular, almost unreachable, tattooed Marcus. I loved how he was portrayed: sweet, human, real (well, almost real, because he’s a fictional character. Boo.) I would love to meet Marcus. I think I have become a fan. Hihi.

Marcus’ and Caitlin’s friendship may be out of the ordinary but it doesn’t mean that it couldn’t happen. Minus Marcus’ popularity, the relationship between him and Caitlin is something that happens. I’ve heard of stories of best friends who are afraid of crossing the line into something more than friendship, something more special, because they are afraid of ruining the good thing that they already have. But love is a risk and it takes courage to take that risk. And love is well worth the risk.

The Real Score is a beautiful story about loving and taking chances. About fighting for love even if it means risking your all.

Cheers to Kesh Tanglao for this beautiful story. It affirmed my belief in a happy ever after. 🙂

4/5 stars.

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Author photo2Kesh Tanglao is a full-time market researcher. When she’s not crunching numbers, she spends most of her free time watching TV shows, listening to music, and reading. Also a self-proclaimed fangirl, she likes cheering for her favorite sports teams and supporting her favorite artists. The Real Score is her first published novella.

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4 thoughts on “{Blog Tour} THE REAL SCORE | Kesh Tanglao

  1. Yay! I see that I enjoyed this story more than you do, Lynai. Hahaha. In fact, it’s one of my best novella reads for 2013.

    I hope Kesh would write follow up stories for the other Gezellig members. Can’t get enough of those awesome boys.

    1. Despite the tone of this write-up, I actually liked the book. I liked it so much I had a hang-over for a couple of days. But I just can’t shake off the One Direction reference well, because, I am not a fan. But if I begin imagining Gezellig as Maroon 5, then. 😀 Plus I have a teenie-weensie complaint: Can you just count how many time each of the characters sighed? But other than that, I liked the book. 🙂

      Merry Christmas and Happy 2014, Charlotte!

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