THE SUGAR QUEEN | Sarah Addison Allen

The Sugar Queen

The very first Sarah Addison Allen I’ve read was Garden Spells, and I liked it so much I knew it wouldn’t be the last time I’ll read her books. I wasn’t exactly a big fan of magic in books (except for a few chosen ones such as Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell) but the brand of magical realism of Sarah Addison Allen is something that warms the heart and makes me think of sunshine and butterflies and rainbows, and who wouldn’t love that? So, when December came, I knew it was the perfect month for another round of sunshine and butterflies and rainbows so I lined up The Sugar Queen (as suggested by the pretty Tina and the awesome Monique) as one of my required readings.

And it was sunshine and butterflies and rainbows all over again.

The Sugar Queen is about twenty seven year-old Josey Cirrini who has skeletons in her closet, literally. She hoards romance pocketbooks and sweets inside her closet and when she feels down, she escapes into the solace of her closet with her pocketbooks and chocolates. And then one day, tough-talker Della Lee Baker turns up inside her closet. Through Della, Josey becomes friends with Chloe Finley, who also has a secret — books turn up magically whenever she needs them (even if she doesn’t know that she needs them), and finally gets to know her long-time crush, the mailman Adam.

I loved The Sugar Queen.I loved it so much I added it to my “favorites” shelf on Goodreads. What exactly made me love the book I have no idea, except that it made me feel all warm and fuzzy and wonderful. The element of magic was something that isn’t spooky, and it wasn’t overdone. The romance isn’t contrived nor is it hurried. I loved all the characters, from the push-over Josey, to the bizarre but tough Della, to the confused Chloe, and even the selfish and egotistic Margaret. I loved the male characters as well: the determined Jake, and of course, the “play it safe” Adam. And mind you, I loved how the creepy Julian was portrayed. See how much I loved this book? πŸ˜›

This book was a refreshing read. It was the perfect kind of feels. I got teary-eyed at some parts because it was so easy to get into the world of Josey Cirrini. The ending was a bit surprising and a little unexpected, but on hindsight, it made perfect sense. At the onset, I thought the book would be only about Josey, but it was a sweet surprise to learn that each of the characters has their own stories which intertwine beautifully together.

The Sugar QueenΒ is all about being brave and taking chances, I think. All of the characters deal with fears of their own and it was fascinating to read about how they learned to face their fears, took a risk, although with a little push and nudge and with a bit of magic, of course. I really love Sarah Addison Allen’s brand of magical realism. The world she creates feels so real, I don’t feel any awkwardness whenever I get into the story. It feels so real, sometimes I want to live in her world. πŸ™‚

So, will I read more Sarah Addison Allen future? You bet, I will, and soon!

“Chloe pinched her lips together, tears coming to her eyes as she stared at the book.

Paper, string and glue.

Separately, they were just objects waiting for a purpose. Together, they were parts of a whole. Something significant, something solid.

They were a lot like relationships that way.”


4/5 stars.

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