Whats So Amazing About Grace

Except for work-related readings, I rarely read non-fiction books, and if I indeed find myself reading one, it would always be Christian literature. The first time I encountered Philip Yancey was through his book, Disappointment with God, and it was during one of the darkest moments of my life. That book did not answer the questions I had that time, but it made me feel that I was not alone in my struggles. And that was what I actually needed that time. Fast forward to this year, the year that I declared to be a year of grace. And what book to better start this grace journey than another Philip Yancey?

What’s So Amazing About Grace? was a truly satisfying read. I was in awe – amazed – with every chapter that I got to finish. I relished each page, each paragraph, and I always found myself if not nodding with agreement, then staring blankly for a few moments, trying to digest the truths that I was presented with. Indeed, grace is a word most often used but most often misunderstood. I truly learned a lot and I was confronted by my own self-righteousness and hypocrisy. The good thing about this book, about grace, in fact,  was that it talked about forgiveness – one thing that I badly needed.

What made reading this book easy were the references to the parables in the Bible and the real life experiences of the author. Most of all, I enjoyed reading about the references to other books. Babette’s Feast by Isak Dinesen, for instance, was used to illustrate a point, and although I had been somewhat spoiled about the story, I still added it to my to-be-read stack. Philip Yancey is a reader and isn’t that awesome? 🙂

This book is truly a gem. I had the most wonderful reading experience with What’s So Amazing About Grace? It gave me a new perspective — grace-filled eyes, I’d like to think — and gave me an opportunity to intimately know my Creator and His character. The “scandalous mathematics of grace” both scandalized and challenged me, and motivated me to love more, give more, care more, understand more, and forgive more, because God has loved me more, given me more, cared for me more, understood me more, forgiven me more.

I highly recommend this book to all. Because whether we want it or not, whether we’re aware of it or not, we all need grace. The world needs grace.


5/5 stars.

My copy: paperback from Booksale

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