Required Reading: June 2014

And just like that, summer is over with me never ever being able to go to the beach. Heh. But why is it still too hot? Still, I heartily welcome the month of June. It’s gonna be awesome this month. 🙂

from weheartit
from weheartit


Anyway, despite my uneventful summer, I still had a pretty good reading month last month, even if I finished only one book from my Required Reading list of two books. Here’s a recap:

  • To The Lighthouse by Virginia Woolf. (Required Reading) I was a bit edgy last month and I confess that I was not in the right mood to read this. I downloaded an audio version to my Kindle and I will try to resume “reading” this because my book club friends have given high ratings for this postmodernist novel.
  • Manila Noir edited by Jessica Hagedorn. 4/5 stars. (Required Reading) I loved reading this book because, well, it’s about crime. For those who know me, they’ll know that crime fiction is my cup of tea. Highly recommended for Filipinos. Also, I’d love to read more about Trese. 🙂
  • Dark Places by Gillian Flynn. 4/5 stars. (Non-required Reading) Trust Gillian Flynn to write wonderfully gruesome crime stories with psychotic characters. Didn’t I say crime fiction is my cup of tea? 😉
  • Welcome to Envy Park by Mina V. Esguerra. 3/5 stars. (Non-required Reading) Chic-lit to balance the reading scale. Another IT guy character. Why am I so kilig? 😛
  • Blasts From Two Pasts by Kristel Villar. 3/5 stars. (Non-required Reading) Another contemporary romance novella. Reminded me of high school friends and old crushes. Heh. 😀
  • Divergent (Divergent #1) by Veronica Roth. 3/5. (Non-required Reading) This was a rather impulsive decision because my sister had been asking me about it and telling me to read it. I can’t help comparing this with The Hunger Games, though, the latter being so much better.

Despite being unable to read the two books I’ve required myself to read last May, I had a fun time with my random picks; it’s been a while since I’ve read crime and suspense.

Now, on to this month’s Required Reading:

June 2014 Required Reading

  • The City and The City by China Mieville. The book club’s book of the month under the genre New Weird. Finished the first 5 chapters already, and I am slowly getting weirded out, with the difficult names making the story both confusing and interesting at the same time.
  • Insurgent (Divergent #2) by Veronica Roth. I am going to finish this series this month despite my initial indifference and detachment towards Tris and Four. This is the trouble with trilogies like this, once you pop you can’t stop (what? haha), while rolling my eyeballs at how pathetic this love-stricken couple is amidst the war.  Haha.
  • Allegiant (Divergent #3) by Veronica Roth. Refer to Insurgent for my reasons for picking this book.

I might pick other random reads because the Divergent series is easy to read, I might finish it way before the month ends. And oh, I also have a scheduled buddy read of Gillian Flynn’s Sharp Objects on the last week of June. Still on a Gillian Flynn high, and because I aim to be a Gillian Flynn completist. 🙂

And oh, before I go, I just want to say that I have acquired aka been given these two lovely books last month. Two books off my wishlist, and I feel so grateful. 🙂

thanks, Emir!
thanks, Emir!

So, what do you think of my reading list? Pretty manageable, yes? Have a lovely reading month, friends! 🙂

8 thoughts on “Required Reading: June 2014

  1. Good luck this June, Lynai! I haven’t read any of the Veronica Roth books but since I have YA on my reading list also, I’d say yay to YA for June. 🙂

  2. Wow! You’re going to finish the Divergent series this month. I hope I could also finish the series. This year. Hehe! And I hope you’ll like the weirdness of The City & The City. 😀

    1. I loved The City and The City, that’s why I am reading Un Lun Dun now. 😀 Finish Divergent so that we can talk/bash it together hihi. 😉

  3. Oh wow finishing the Divergent series in one go! Like you, I was quite indifferent to Tris and Four so I don’t think I could muster finishing the trilogy up. Maybe I’ll just be watching the movie adaptations. Hehe. So far though I am enjoying The City and The City too. Have a great June Lynai! 🙂

    1. My feelings with the three Divergent books were constant. Not that bad, but not mind-blowing, either. Yay to The City and The City! Happy June! 🙂

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