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I loved The Real Score, which was the first book in the Gezellig series, when I read it late last year, and because I couldn’t get enough wanted to know more about Marcus and Caitlin (and Gezellig, as a whole), I was more than excited when I learned that the sequel is to be released sooner than I expected. This sequel wasn’t all about Team MarLin, though, but it was refreshing to read about them still  in Gezellig #2.

I am so glad to be part of the blog tour (again), and today, (un)breakable (Gezellig #2) makes its stop here in my humble blog.


(un)breakable cover

The blurb:

Lorin Perez’s life is finally back on track after almost losing it six years ago. She knows meeting and dating sizzling hot professional rugby player Spence Clarke is a huge part of her healing process. But with her father starting a new family, she decides to follow her best friend Caitlin to UK–Spence’s home country–and start a new life.
However, moving to UK brings certain complications in the form of Gezellig band member Nigel Whitmore, a.k.a. the one who didn’t follow through three years ago. And even though Lorin is very clear about her no commitment rule, Nigel ignores this and pursues Lorin like never before.
Caught between the man who made her feel safe and the one who makes her feel alive, will she finally be able to set her heart free and make the right choice?

Here’s an excerpt (which is one of my favorite parts in the book):

“You haven’t watched this?”

Nigel didn’t hide the accusation and ridicule in his tone as he fiddled with a Blu-ray copy of TheHangover. I was at his house for the fourth night in a row. And when I got to his place, he had cleaned up and cooked.

Points to him for being domesticated (albeit usually messy), yes?

Then he asked me if I wanted to watch a movie, and when I agreed, he led me to this small storage room. The walls of the room were covered with shelves, each one containing different memorabilia. One shelf contained vinyl copies of albums—I spotted a couple of Michael Jackson’s, Police, Eagles, Rolling Stones, Ramones, and Beatles—and a mahogany turntable encased in glass. Another shelf had books—I didn’t knowthat he read books. Aside from Spence, the only other guy I knew who actually enjoyed reading was Pops. I stepped closer, and found titles from Stephen King, J.R.R. Tolkien, Neil Gaiman, and Tom Clancy. He had two versions of Harry Potter books—English and US—and on the top shelf was a wand. It, too, was encased in a glass case.

“That’s eleven inches, holly, with a dragon heartstring,” Nigel said when he saw me looking at it. “Or at least, that’s what they told me when I got it from Universal.”

The last shelf was filled with DVDs—from classics like Breakfast at Tiffany’s to Citizen Kane to The Breakfast Club, to the complete series of Star Wars and Harry Potter and The Lord of the Rings. Underneath those notable titles was a selection of what I could only think of as Nigel’s most liked movies: Ted, The Hangover, We Bought a Zoo, and Serendipity, among others.

Serendipity? Really?”

Nigel looked a bit embarrassed, but he answered me with a straight face. “What? It’s a nice movie. I do know they didn’t shoot that when it was winter, so all that snow was fake,” he said. I teased him that I was judging him that he watched the behind-the-scenes that the DVD had promised.

The bottom rung of the shelf contained boxed sets of television series like The Inbetweeners, Dr. Who, and F.R.I.E.N.D.S,which made me go, “Who’d you think Rachel should’ve ended up with? Joey or Ross?”

Nigel smiled smugly before replying, “Hands down: Joey. He was loyal to her—and even loyal to Ross, come to think of it—since when he realized he had feelings for Rachel, his primary concern was how Ross would feel about it. Joey had the balls to tell Rachel his feelings for her even if he wasn’t sure how she felt about him, and then he remained a true friend to her even after he got turned down. Joey had more balls than Ross, because Ross was an immature wuss. And Rachel and Joey were the best roommates, come on.”

When I didn’t say anything, a look of panic crossed his face. “Oh, damn. You’re rooting for Ross, huh?”

I broke into a smile. “On Joey’s team, too. Finally, someone else on Joey’s team!” We exchanged high fives, then he turned to the shelf and picked out The Hangover.

“This one?”

I hesitated.

“What?” he said.

“I haven’t watched that,” I said meekly.

“You haven’t watched this?” he said incredulously.

I frowned. “I just never liked watching those kinds of movies—”

“Why? They’re fun, and hilarious—”

“And stupid. Ridiculously stupid.”

Nigel looked affronted by my words, but I didn’t back down. “What? They are. Come on.”

“No, no, no, Lorin,” he said, shaking his head repeatedly. He tucked the movie under one arm and took me by the hand. “I am going to make you watch this.”

“No,” I said firmly.

He shook his head, equally firm on his stand. “You’re going to watch this, and then you’re going to find out that these movies are just pure, unadulterated fun.”

Book links and other details:

Title: (un)breakable (Gezellig #2)
Author: Kesh Tanglao
Date of Publication: July 16, 2014
Genre: contemporary romance/chick-lit

About the author:

Kesh Tanglao is a full-time market researcher. When she’s not crunchingAuthor photo numbers, she spends most of her free time watching TV shows, listening to music, and reading. Also a self-proclaimed fangirl, she likes cheering for her favorite sports teams and supporting her favorite artists.
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