Wednesday Diaries: on short stories, book squees, and book finds

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It’s been a while since I did a Wednesday Diaries post. I was actually trying to remember what inspired me to come up with a meme like this and looking through my previous WD posts, I saw that my very first post was about my great heartbreak. I wanted to have an outlet for all my rants and my grief, and what better way to unload than in this blog which talks about books?

Anyway, I am reviving Wednesday Diaries because I feel that since I cannot make any dent on my blogging backlog any time soon, I might as well share snippets of what I want to say about the book/s that I have recently finished or books I want to read soon or books I have recently acquired. Well, basically, this is just an excuse to talk more about books, period.What can be a more satisfying stress reliever than that? ๐Ÿ˜€


One of the books in my Required Reading listย  for this month is a collection of short stories by Alice Munro. I have actually made a conscious effort to read more short stories for September and this is the only collection I have on hand. Although it’s almost the end of the month, I am only halfway through the 8th story out of the 28 stories in the book. But I am not complaining. I have discovered that Alice Munro’s stories need to be read slowly, where sufficient breaks in between are necessary in order to savor the richness of her narrative and poignant portrayal of the human character. So far, The Dance of the Happy Shades was one story that had really made an impact on me.

Royal Beatings

More on Alice Munro, I have also read Boys and Girls which is one of the two selections of The Short Story Station which a group of bookish friends have set up to promote the beauty of short stories. I have yet to read Jon by George Saunders (the other featured story in TSSS), and this will be my first Saunders ever, the reason why I have saved it for last. I am looking forward to reading it this week.


I made a couple of visits to different Booksale branches in the city lately, and came up with such surprising finds:

Perdido Street Station

Book Buys September 2014

What really made me all riled up was the China Mieville books. They were unintentional book finds, I was only browsing titles on the shelves having no particular book in mind, but these books just found me. What more can a book-lover like ask for? This book-hoarder is happy! ๐Ÿ™‚

Have a fabulous Wednesday, friends!

2 thoughts on “Wednesday Diaries: on short stories, book squees, and book finds

  1. Yay, it’s back! I find myself reading more nonreviews lately, so I’m glad to see Wednesday Diaries again.

    So yeah, Alice Munro. When I wrote a review of her other collection, I lingered for like 4-5 hours because I kept rereading parts of some of the stories. I agree that her stories might require the reader to slow down. Besides, the book is just there, it’s not going to run away.

    1. Hi, Angus. I agree. If there is anything I have learned in my reading experience, it is that I should also learn how to slow down and savor every story that I’m reading. I have learned now to give more importance to quality over quantity. (Yay, am I maturing? Haha.)

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