Wednesday Diaries: on connectedness and accidents

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Hello, October, my favorite month of the year! ♥

I read Thornton Wilder’s The Bridge of San Luis Rey a few weeks ago and then just recently I read David Mitchell’s Cloud Atlas. Both were amazing books and both explored the idea that people are interconnected with each other regardless of time, distance, or space. When I wrote my post for The Bridge of San Luis Rey, I mentioned this similarity in theme, this subject on connectedness, and one friend (with another friend echoing) pointed out that the latter book actually influenced the other more recently published book. It was really cool knowing that, because I loved both books, and then I got to thinking about the connection we, readers/book lovers, have with books.

It has been said that a book, if meant for you, will always find its way to you. And I am inclined to agree. Take for instance my experience with The Bridge of San Luis Rey. My reading of this book was accidental, considering that I did not have this book on my TBR even. And isn’t it a bit coincidental that I got to read Cloud Atlas a few weeks after? I had wanted to read the latter together with other friends from the book club who organized a buddy read some few years ago but I wasn’t able to get a copy. And when I finally did get a copy, I wasn’t up to reading it until of course another group of friends decided to do a read-along. Now, isn’t that some sort of connection or am I just over-thinking things? 😀

This bookish connection thing first came up in my thoughts when I read Melina Marchetta’s On The Jellicoe Road  because reading this book was a second attempt made after a failed first read. And I was glad I didn’t hurry or force myself into it just because most of my friends have read it and I still haven’t.

So, maybe, it’s true that reading shouldn’t be forced or even be considered an obligation (unless of course it’s for a class requirement or for work). And as book-lovers, sooner or later a certain book may find its way to us without us knowing. Because that’s how it is with us and our books, yes? A book finding us (or could it be the other way around?) may even take us by surprise. Or, it may annoy us at first, like the books that followed Chloe around in Sarah Addison Allen’s The Sugar Queen. What is important is we enjoy every moment that we’re reading and find satisfaction in the fact that we and our books will always share a special bond.

(Wow, I never thought I’d be writing this post. I find it serious. And funny. It was just a silly notion I had one night but hey, there might be some truth in this, yes?)

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  1. Oh, its Luisa Rey! Interconnectedness! Paths crossing and recrossing! Naha-hyper ako kapag napag uusapan ang Cloud Atlas. Haha. I will now add Thorton Wilder’s book on my list. Lovely post, Lynai. 🙂

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