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My Goodreads reading goal for this year of 40 books was completed on the first week of October which made me realize that having both a baby and a job do not really hamper one’s reading if one knows how to manage time aka multi-task. This, plus the help of novellas and short stories, the latter being one of my wonderful discoveries as of late. I do not count reading short stories as cheating because, as I have discovered, short stories hold equal, if not superior, power and beauty when compared with full-length works. And I did not deliberately seek to read them just so I can easily catch up my reading goal. (Why do I even sound so defensive?)

Anyway, what I am trying to say is that once I realized that I have already completed my reading goal, my reading pattern visibly relaxed, as seen in my lack of a reading plan last October. Since I decided to wing which book or books I will read last month, the result was that I started reading several books simultaneously but never really got to finish them. Also, when I checked my Goodreads account, it showed that I have 6 currently-reading books:

  • The Thief by Megan Whaler Turner. I am currently on Chapter 4/12. I don’t know why but last year, I badly wanted to read this book but it was only this year that I started it and then I found myself having such a slow progress.
  • Selected Stories by Alice Munro. Currently on Story #14/28. Again, I have such slow reading progress on this one. I find some stories to be a bit slow and dragging but I am not taking it against Munro. I guess one has to have a certain mood in order to fully appreciate the stories here. But I am not giving up because I know that the good stories here will outweigh the rather bland ones.
  • Code Name Verity by Elizabeth Wein. I started reading this last July 22 but I am currently stuck at 8%. This one was actually an engaging read but I found myself being distracted by my monthly required readings so this one had to be demoted to the back seat. I still want to finish this though because I have read a lot of good reviews. Hopefully, I’ll be done before the year ends.
  • A Feast for Crows by George R.R. Martin. Ah, this one. I started to read this so far back I can’t even remember exactly when anymore. And I can’t also remember what I had read so far. T____T.
  • So You Want To Be Like Christ? by Charles Swindoll. I only got to finish the Introduction, huhu. But I also want to finish this before the year ends. If only I don’t get distracted by other books.
  • Chicken Soup for the Soul: New Moms. This one was also started and forgotten. I even forgot where I kept this book. How pathetic.

All of the above, plus of course, my required readings for this month which is composed of 3 more books, (will put up a post on my November Required Reading soon)  compose my currently-reading books. Will I ever get to finish all of these books? Because I really want to and I will feel guilty if I don’t finish, unless they’re really that unbearable aka bad reads, which they certainly aren’t. Oh, this bookworm’s dilemma.

At the back of my mind, however, I know that I don’t have to stress about my reading patterns. Reading is merely a hobby and I should not be burdened by it. I will have to constantly remind myself of this (plus, look at how I’ve already surpassed my reading goal, so that in itself is already an achievement.)


Just this week, I reread Hayley and Michael DiMarco’s Cupidity: 50 Stupid Things We Do For Love. I am reading this together with some very good friends as our first read-along book for the newly-formed The Reading Club (because we cannot think of a more ingenious name, haha). The TRC was formed with the objective of fostering Christian community and growth through the reading of Christian literature, and of course, as an excuse to hang-out together. I am excited about our club and so far we are enjoying the discussions. Who wouldn’t as we, who are all girls, love to talk about love and relationships? 😀 So this means that aside from Goodreads-The Filipino Group, I am also now a proud member of another book club. A reader just can’t have enough book clubs, I guess. 😉


I have recently become a member of The Short Story Station, a collaborative blog of some friends from Goodreads-The Filipino Group. The invitation to join this group came as a sweet surprise and a welcome one at that because I have embarked on a short story journey lately. Please visit the TSSS blog for more updates about short stories as well as for the monthly featured short stories. Join us as we discover the beauty of short stories.


8 thoughts on “Wednesday Diaries: Will I ever finish + some exciting news!

  1. A had a slow beginning with Code Name Verity, too. As far as I can remember, the pace will pick up in the middle.

    Yay for your new Christian-oriented book club!
    And, welcome to TSSS! ♥

    1. Hahaha! Oh, well. I think I need some motivation to finish A Feast for Crows. Maybe when the latest book comes out? Haha! And, taking note of what you and Louize are saying about Verity. 🙂

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