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Summary from Goodreads:

Rule No. 1: You don’t kill the body you inhabit.
Rule No. 2: You should never again mention your previous name.
Rule No. 3: You don’t ever talk about your previous life. Ever.

Two young men with the power to take over another body inhabit the bodies and lives of brothers Jonah and Louis. The takeover leads to a car crash, injuring Jonah’s legs and forcing them to stay in the brothers’ house for the time being.

The street is quiet. The neighbors aren’t nosy. Everything is okay.

They are safe, for now.

Until they find a dead body in the basement.

After reading A Bottle of Storm Clouds, I became enthralled with Eliza Victoria’s writing. I loved her brand of speculative fiction and Dwellers is her latest novel. In this book, she mixed crime, mystery, and supernatural and I had the mistake of reading it at night. The story is told in the first person narrative, and it was so easy to get into Jonah’s head, although it wasn’t that easy to get the entire story at first. I don’t have any idea about the author’s inspiration for body transfers but I find such idea fascinating and creepy at the same time, hence, the shivers at night.

The flashbacks into the main characters’ background, especially Part II, threw me off my momentum a bit because I was so engrossed in the mystery of the dead body and I wanted to get into the whodunnit  as soon as possible. But as I continued reading, some questions about Jonah and Louis were answered and I learned to appreciate the break in the suspense. I loved Eliza’s writing because it seemed that I was watching Part II in my mind in sepia — very periodic and barriotic, I fell in love with my own imagination haha.

The twist in the end as well as how the story concluded was a surprise, a bit hurried if I may say so, and I found the antagonist’s explanations of the crime very “telenovela-like.”  But all in all, I loved the cliff-hanger ending, and I wanted to believe that there is still hope for Jonah and Louis. What I loved most about Eliza Victoria is that she can weave a very fascinating tale and create sympathetic and multi-faceted characters despite the restriction in length. I had to shed some tears for Jonah and his pain and his desire to be someone else. If I were to have a power like Jonah and Louis, whose life would I want to inhabit? Would I even want to live someone else’s life no matter how desperate my own was?

Now that is some for food for thought.

Dwellers by Eliza Victoria book cover
My signed copy from the Pinoy Readercon. Thanks, Eliza!


My rating: 4/5 stars.

TFG Book of the Month for November.

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