The Reading Club Book #1: CUPIDITY by Hayley & Michael DiMarco

The Reading Club Book Discussion No. 1

Over a month ago, several friends and I decided to organize a book club and for our first read-along, we had chosen to read Cupidity: 50 Stupid Things People Do For Love (and how to avoid them) by Hayley and Michael DiMarco. This was already a reread on my part, having read the book a couple of years back, but this time, I was tasked to moderate our group read. Our online/Facebook discussion was really fun and interesting considering that ours was a very eclectic group: single, married, in a relationship, were in a relationship, and we were discussing a relationship book.

To wrap up our discussion, we held a (offline) brunch meeting and Christmas fellowship, and again, we had a very fun time together.

After reading the book, these were some of  the points we had agreed:

  • Love is more than just a feeling.
  • To forgive and to let go of hurts is a courageous act of love.
  • Women should dump their thoughts with fellow women and leave the men to their silence.
  • Giving love is more important than getting love.
  • God’s love is the ultimate example for what love really is.
  • Being married and/or old does not mean that you become less cupid.
  • The book is greatly recommended especially to young people and to teens.
  • Average Rating: 4/5 stars

Despite our small number (some members had conflicts of schedule while some could not make it due to distance), we were able to sum up our thoughts about the book, and yes, we wanted to do this again. So, we’re on to choosing Book #2, and we look forward to another fruitful discussion.

Yay to book clubs and friendships! <3



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