That time of year

Happy first of September!

Hello September

I have yet to hear Christmas songs playing on the radio, but yes, in my side of the globe, Christmas season for many starts as soon as the “ber” months start. Is it just me or don’t you also feel as if yesterday was only January? Where did all the days go?

Anyway, since I started this post talking about seasons and time, I want to say that I am also experiencing a particular season in my reading life right now: the season for a reading slump. I have to clarify, however, that I am not in a reading slump in the strictest sense of the word. I still have the desire to read and I still have recently finished books. The problem lies in my book choices. I can’t seem to stick to my monthly reading lists and I have lost the drive to reach some of the reading goals I set at the start of the year. 

Lately, too, I feel restless about reading. I want to read something but I don’t know what to read. The result is that I keep starting different book but I don’t get to finish them. I have several currently-reading books and I don’t have any desire in finishing any of them the soonest. I also am not too keen about doing future Required Reading posts. Having a set of books to read and finish for the month is making me feel even more stressed. I might not even commit to any read-alongs for the rest of the year except for the scheduled read-along of Black Swan Green in November. Because, hello, David Mitchell buddies! And also except for the monthly book club reads. Other than these, I will pick books to read at random and I won’t even feel guilty if I don’t get to finish them

This slight blip on my routine can be attributed to a couple of factors. First, I think I have lost the drive to read as much as I did because I have already reached my set number of books to read as early as July. In fact, I reset and increased the number to 48  after my initial goal of 24 books because I felt like I wasn’t really challenging myself by setting such a low number. The irony is that I seem to have lost interest anymore in reaching this new goal.

The second factor is the recent changes at work. There have been shifts in work dynamics at the office resulting to an increased work load, thus, lesser time to read. And because of such decrease in reading time, I am inclined towards easier reads. The only ample reading time I can find in my schedule is before bedtime and since my brain is already tired at this time, I can only assimilate and accommodate easy reads. This is why I tend to read more contemporary young adult and chick lit over the literary fiction and classic books that I have planned to read this month and the months to follow.

I don’t feel too stressed about this, though. I know I will be out of this funk sooner or later and as I’ve said it isn’t too big a problem because I still want to read. I just have to find that book to get me back on  track once again. But if not, I still am not complaining. As the wise King Solomon has said: “In everything, there is a season…” If this is the season for me to have less time for reading and have more time for coloring (haha. oh yes, I have also jumped into the adult coloring books bandwagon although my outputs are not Facebook-worthy, heh), then so be it.

Merry Christmas, everyone! 😀


2 thoughts on “That time of year

  1. It must be the season! I’m also experiencing a sorta slump. I start a book, pull out another, and so on. I’m a book slut! But I don’t mind having multiple lovers, er, books in my currently-reading shelf. In fact, I like having them all started but hopefully I get the time to finish them, too.

  2. I didn’t have my September Required Reading too. Hehe! Sometimes, I wonder where did all my time go because it seems that I haven’t accomplished much these days. I don’t blog, I’m not active in the discussions anymore, I skipped f2fs. But I still read, and I’m trying to find time to still read my friends’ blogs. Anyway, I hope you’ll fun in this month’s reading and I’m looking forward to our November buddy read. I miss you all, buddies.

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