Filipino Friday 2015 #1: Five Ways Reading has Changed My Life

Hi, everyone! The 5th Filipino Reader Conference is happening on November 28, 2015 at Henry Sy Sr. Hall, De La Salle University. To spice up the countdown, as in previous FilReadercons, Filipino Fridays is back! Here’s a short intro from the Filipino Readercon website:

For those who are new to this activity, Filipino Friday is a weekly internet meme held during the Fridays of the Filipino Reader Conference month where Filipino readers around the world (like you!) are highly encouraged to take part in! To be able to participate in this activity, all you need to do is to read the weekly Filipino Friday posts, write a response to each weekly prompt on your own blog or any social networking account (which must be set to public for us to see it), and post a link to your answers in the comments section. After posting your answers, we encourage you to check out what your fellow bloggers and readers have posted! This is a timely and exciting opportunity for each of us to get to know and interact with other readers and writers, and it is one you will surely enjoy.

Now, for this week’s prompt:

How do you think has reading changed your life? Please share with us at most five significant ways that will show how reading has influenced your life. These could be in terms of personality, career, studies, and other parts of your life this influence has taken place.

  1. My love for reading brought me to Goodreads. I didn’t know about virtual libraries and book ratings/reviews until my lazy internet browsing one day (in 2008) brought me to Goodreads. Pre-Goodreads, I was content with reading book blurbs in bookstores for my book purchases. Now, before I buy a book, I first check the ratings and reviews on Goodreads, especially those by my bookish friends from the book club. Which brings me to my next item in this list.
  2. Goodreads introduced me to (active) online interactions about…what else? Books. I used to think that reading is a solitary activity and that reading as a hobby is unpopular. And I used to think that people I find on the internet are creepy people, haha! But discovering Goodreads changed all that because I learned that there are other people who are as obsessed as reading as I am. They are normal and crazy at the same time! The Filipino Group (TFG) at Goodreads was the first book club that I ever joined and the people there were also my first meet-up, a.k.a. “eyeball”. And they aren’t really that creepy, I tell you! πŸ˜€ (Or, I just don’t know it yet? Haha.)

    July 2011 @McDo, El Pueblo, Ortigas
  3. Reading, Goodreads, TFG introduced me to book reviewing and book blogging. I started with a couple of lines which summarized my thoughts about a book and then I ventured into longer paragraphs, copying formats from my friends’ blogs. Eventually, after mustering enough courage (and guts), I came up with thisΒ  book blog to serve as a repository for all my bookish thoughts. I may not be The New Yorker or Jessica Zafra (and never will be), but I think I know how to rant and rave about a book and put my incoherent feelings into (incoherent) words. Hehe. And so I am going to keep this blog for as long as I live, I mean, as long as I still keep reading books and meeting bookish people and doing bookish activities. πŸ˜€
  4. Reading expanded my vocabulary. But of course. Where else will I be able to learn about dapper, perspicacious, salubrious, Quidditch, droogs, Spackle, UnGun? The dictionary is probable the most abused button on my Kindle. Reading has watered my love for words and storytelling. Which brings me to my last point~
  5. Reading made me dream of something for myself. Reading made me think about writing my own fiction. This is a big (crazy?) dream, I know. A tall order but I do get these bursts of inspiration once in a while. Because, why not? It’s a free country. πŸ˜› For now it’s still a dream but who knows it will come true one day. One step at a time. πŸ™‚

That’s it. Happy weekend and till the next Filipino Friday post! πŸ™‚



4 thoughts on “Filipino Friday 2015 #1: Five Ways Reading has Changed My Life

    1. Oo nga, why were you not looking at the camera, Mommy Louize? Haha! Oh, well about *that* book. I am not even sure if I can come up with a book. Hehe. πŸ™‚

  1. Your 1-4 also changed my life. I’m glad that I met you, and that I discovered your blog. And I promise to support your dream in every step. Have you started your first step yet?

    1. Meliza, gaya-gaya?:P I’m glad I met you too, chos! πŸ˜€ What should my first step be? I have drafts on crap paper which are now a crumpled mess inside my bag haha!

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